Mass rez dosen't perform like an ultimate

Yaaass Queen, slayyy! :clap: :dancer::sparkles: Clap :clap: back :clap:

Luckier than whatever clown car these people have been springing out of to attack us.

That is genuinely not how the world works.


You tell em girl! :nail_care: :sparkles:

Which one of you clowns seriously made an account to attack us?


138 posts and some people still fail to see the problem is not with how much Mercy was played back then or how meta she was, the problem is with the design of Mass rez itself, please understand that so we can all move on.

138 posts? That’s nothing.

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All of them probably, they’re all equally sad. Rent free

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No amount of bullying will change the fact that we’re better than those clowns. :3

Srsly imagine trying to take discord drama on the forums. I wouldn’t know. :eye::lips::eye:

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yet dva bomb, high noon, death blossom, and riptire all have the potential to kill 5 players sooo

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Yet none of them do it with a single button press and you know it. Stop trying to nitpick it’s getting old really fast.

There’s only one alt though?

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Yaaass Bestie slayyy!!! Keep preaching :dancer:The :nail_care: hypocrisy :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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M8, if you’re gonna act all self-righteous then I suggest you do so without coming off as a total hypocrite in the very thread you preach in.

The hypocrisy in the statement is astounding.

You criticize them for being uncivilized and yet act no better than them


She should have invincibility while channeling rez.

They nerfed Valkyrie which used to make Mercy nearly unkillable. But they didn’t buff Mercy when changing back to mass rez? Almost makes the ultimate useless.

Good Lord I’m embarrassed for some of the posters in this thread.


I didn’t insult him, just stated a fact. He had 0 right to call him sewage. I don’t quite see how saying all men (or if someone gets annoyed at that : people) are created equal is insulting.

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Selective memory at its finest yep. Its a bad design, plain simple:

  • Without invul, all Mercy Mains complained “its a death sentence”
  • With invul, literally ZERO counters. Broken. OP.

Yeah that skill should stay where it belongs, in PvE for OW2.


So I guess calling someone a “brick wall that has learned to use emojis” is lighthearted and just exudes kindness?

That’s a new one

Part of me isn’t surprised because Mass Rez threads tend to be rather questionable at best but this is just sad


I don’t see a reason to behave in a kind manner to someone who has 0 interest in participating in the conversation.

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Back to intellectually domming people, i see

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