Mass Res Will Return | 10 Reasons Why

So then the options are to have resurrect on both as Q and as E, or design an entirely new E ability to go with resurrect on Q?

I admit they haven’t said they wouldn’t rework her again, but I still don’t find this particularly likely.

Disregarding all your obviously bias opinions like “mass rez is more healthy”, mass rez cant exist because of things like pirate ship. And if it can its cuz her ult charge rate is terrible
Too low to be reliable in which case shes a gold level and not above healer.
Buff it to be better and shes too good with a barrier
Ok cool bye.

Then that means someone is using it poorly.
Mine frequently lasts its full duration and I often get at the very least 3 assists with it. I just don’t place it if the enemy is being too aggressive past my shield or they are too far away for it to be useful.
It’s not hard to do, but it was when it came to hunting a Mercy which is why she was changed.

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Thanks for projecting your opinion! I disagree completely. I believe Mass res is one of the best abilities given to a character in a video game, so we’ll have to agree to disagree there. :blush:

Are you saying that Valkyrie doesn’t also “draw huge lines” with her healing stream? I’m not sure what you are referring to there, do elaborate.

I’m sorry, where did they say that “the option is to have ressurect on both Q and as E?” [citation needed]

Thanks for offering your opinion! I completely disagree with you there. Ultimates don’t exist solely around one comp strategy, and there are ways to balance it accordingly. With direct counters like Hammond and Torb’s area denial Ult, which could even be tweaked in their timings to adjust for mass res, care to elaborate on how mass res can’t exist with pirate ship?

That seems like a very situational issue, one that I don’t believe exists without some sort of explanation. But if you truly plan on leaving without one, I suppose that is also fine too. At any case, that’s fine and you are entitled to your opinions. I respect them. Have a good one! :slight_smile:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

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What are you on about? I wasn’t the one to suggest that. You did it yourself in “I hope you know that bringing back mass Res by itself is not a revert.” You do realize that bringing mass resurrect back by itself would lead to resurrect on both Q and E, and if E was just taken away then that would be a revert.

Thereby in order to bring mass resurrect back while also not doing a revert, the options are to let her have resurrect on E also or design a new E altogether.

I’m going to bold this last bit to emphasize that didn’t in the first place say resurrect on E and Q was the only option but that it is the other way beside making a new E.

Except… I didn’t, because that wasn’t me who originally created that post… what are you on about? :slight_smile:

Not exactly. They can switch Valkyrie to be the E move, and make Rez the Ultimate, in the form of Mass Res. I don’t follow how you would think it either needs to be “mass res with res on E” or “mass res without an E”?

Read above.

That’s fine, I’m going to bold my previous statement, because I would have to disagree with you there. There are many ways to revert the hero or rework the hero with mass res, without putting both abilities on E and Q. For example? The thread below. :blush:

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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


Balanced implies she has a proper place as the role she is intended to fill, which she does not. Just because the other healers are all in better spots, does not make Mercy balanced. If every character is a better choice then her at all ranks in pretty much every situation, that is not balance. In a game that has very few options in characters for each class, there is currently no room for having niche characters, if we had more to choose from, then every character would have lower pick rates because people have more choice.

The difference of 10hp/s in healing is hugely noticeable.

For example, in competitive I have not even been able to get close to my usual average high numbers 18-22k heals in match. Those were in games where I really had to try my hardest and put in my all. My highest heal numbers since the nerf is 10k. That is pretty much an 8-10k drop in healing and I am working nearly 5x harder for no results. People are dying and there is nothing I can do, which means I cannot even get my healing done to them.

My first ever comp game with Moira, I dropped 20k healing playing similar to the way I would Mercy and it was the easiest thing I have ever done. But Blizzard said Mercy is supposed to pump out the most healing over the course of a match, right and yet Mercy mains cannot even get close to some of their lower averages, don’t have time to damage boost or rez, people are still dying but they can go pick up any other support and get the same value they could always get.


Yes, I notice now you aren’t the same person. You just share the forum icon.

Anyway, I don’t understand how you could arrive to the conclusion that I thought the only options are mass resurrect without E or mass resurrect with E on resurrect. I didn’t say that, I emboldened the parts where I said to the contrary. How does that happen? The reply I made is a hypothetical, given the conditions stated by DvaSlaysEU.

The notion of “mass resurrect on Q and E” originates from the proposition by DvaSlaysEU that mass resurrect could be brought back by itself without reverting her. This then would result in a resurrect ability on both Q and E, unless E is redesigned. If you put Valkyrie on E, it would be exactly that.

The reason why “no-E, mass-res Q” is off the table is that this would be a revert, which was explicitly renounced.

And the point of that is the notion Mercy would need to be reworked again to make mass resurrect fit in, which I do not find likely. Mass resurrect is not coming back “by itself”. This is to give reasoning to why I think it’s not reasonable to expect mass resurrect to come back.

The only difference is, the forums were requesting reverts to Mercy’s ultimate. Yes, her healing was dropped to 50, but it’s not the revert everyone was asking for, so it would make 100% sense that that’s what Jeff was referring to. Her HEALING was “reverted,” Mercy as a character and her kit were the same.


Yeah yeah my bad :joy: you got me

There was a thread being moved in here last night.

Guess this is gonna become a Megathread soon.

Then… Why did you say…

?? My apologies, but the wording there was overall, in need of improvement, since it was quite confusing to know who you were referring to there.

Hmmm… Then why didn’t you state it as such in your post? I’m pretty sure to the reader it was evident that you weren’t being hypothetical. Otherwise, you would have said something along the lines of… “Hypothetically speaking.” The lack of such an inclusion means that you have expected someone to infer your intention through just text, which is actually… nearly impossible to do without any context clues. I think if it was reworded a little bit better, it would clear up that confusion a little bit. :blush:

It was? I’m sorry, I may have missed it. Was there confirmation of a dev saying “Mass rez will not be reverted?” Or is this just another person making an assumption? Otherwise, do send me the link or source that says those exact words as you claim. :blush:

That’s fine. You are entitled to your opinion. I believe those in this community who want a rework for Mercy are inclined to disagree with you. You may have to agree to disagree with them on that.

Once again that’s fine. You are entitled to your opinion. I actually agree with you that mass rez wouldn’t come back “as it was in the past”. I definitely think that it would need some tweaks to help it be a viable option in this modern meta. But of course, that’s just my opinion :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

sadly there was 2 more reason why it shouldn’t

13 reasons why it shouldn’t come back? Lol, the devs only mention 2. :confused:

Not going to happen IMO.

Valk needs more impact, and I believe it will receive some buffs, but Blizzard isn’t going to go full revert and add mass rez again.

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Bringing back mass Resurrect with tweaks isn’t a revert.

Yes it is.

Working on Valk to have more utility/numbers would be tweaks.

Going back to any form of mass rez, even if they “tweaked” it would be a revert.

The two ultimates are COMPLETELY different abilities, so going back to the old one would most certainly be considered a revert.

No, it is not.

A revert would be to go back to a previous state of Mercy that existed in the game. Mass Res with new tweaks have never existed before. It is not a revert.

Not unless the old one gets changes. It most definitely is not a revert. It is a rework.

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Agree to disagree then. To me, there’s the fundamental ability:

Mass Rez - an AoE Rez
Valk - Unlimited flying and boost to abilities

Going back from the unlimited flying/ability boost concept to an AoE rez is a revert to me, no matter what else you might want to change about it.

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Your opinion conflicts with fact but sure. Let’s just agree to disagree.

I hope that you someday learn the difference between fact and opinion, especially as an obvious forum junky with over 3k posts. People will respect your opinion a lot more when you aren’t making a fool of yourself making statements like that.