Mass Res Will Return | 10 Reasons Why

  1. no, it was primarily changed because mercy was entirely dependent on her ult.
  2. mass rez was almost entirely worthless. mass rez mercy was a massive throw pick
  3. i’d rather have an underpowered hero than a hero so op that it makes the game entirely about her. But that’s me.
  4. BOI, you clearly weren’t around for season 2 to 5.
  5. you ignore how much the game has changed from then. Mass rez would require major tweaks to even work as of now.
  6. So, your idea is basically going to make her even worse. If she has trouble pulling out regular rez, imagine constantly messing up rez as an ult. Mercy’s worth is directly influenced by how consistent her rez is.
  7. you are equating reverting minor things to reverting an entire kit. That has never happened so far.
  8. he has pretty much said “there’s no revert in sight”
  9. again, that would make her even more useless. Mass rez mercy was a trow pick. Revert is not gonna undo that, it will actually make her worse with the current state
  10. So, mercy with mass rez with the mechanics or current rez with the current meta will be better… how? What? Are you even reading what you’re writing?
    In what way giving her a gutted mass rez will make her better?

A revert is not going to happen. It would actually make mercy worse. You are all deluding yourself if you think at any point mercy was better in her pre-rework state. You probably have all forgotten how much hate she got and how much of a throw pick she was.
Current mercy at least has those few oddballs comp in which she shines. Mass rez mercy was outshined by ana in every way and mass rez wasn’t seen as worthy enought to make her good.

So in no way a revert is going to work, no matter how much you work around it.

The statement was in response to someone saying that Jeff was talking about “Reverting the rework” as not happening. I asked that person what the quote from him has to do with mass rez specifically as opposed to something else…

You answered a question with a question. Also, that is diverting the topic. You are asking if cosmetics is more important to game play. I am asking if a revert was done to Mercy before. I’m asking for facts, not opinion. What I find important with cosmetics vs gameplay isn’t relevant to whether or not a revert was done. A revert is a revert, regardless of whether it is a cosmetic or a gameplay one. Either way, Mercy has received both, which still proves my point.

And neither does assuming that what Jeff said automatically means “Mass res isn’t coming back.” :smirk:

The point is, If something has happened before, it’s bound to happen again. Mercy’s voiceline, and her healing are two examples of reverts. Mass rez being the third revert is just as possible as well.

Success doesn’t equate to personal feelings of happiness… There are things in this world that have been “successes” that aren’t necessarily happy ones.

That is evidence that they think the “recent support balance changes were extremely successful, and changed the game in a great way.”

Discussion on Mercy being reverted isn’t a recent change, nor is it referring to Jeff saying “We can put the notion of a revert to rest”. Both of those were events that happened in the past. In the context, they are happy with the nerf to 50hp with Mercy, since that was her “recent support balance change”. That doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not she is reverted.

I disagree completely with your post. But hey! Thanks for projecting your opinion! We’re going to have to agree to disagree there. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

DPS player arguing against mass rez, typical

I don’t consider voice lines a true revert. It doesn’t point to major balance changes being done.

When you put it into context, it does.

The devs said no to a revert once then said they were happy with the recent support changes. We cancel out again.

The think Mercy is in a good place. Why would they revert her.

You still have yet to provide any solid evidence that Mercy will be reverted or acknowledged how abilities like pacify wouldn’t work on console.

Seriously, you need to give me better reasons to believe a revert will work. As of now it will just have more counters and will be even less impactful than before. And mercy was a throw pick even when rez had no counters outside of killing her first.
Mass rez didn’t work, it was unhealthy and made mercy.
And reverting a voiceline and nerfing her heals aren’t really “reverts”. The first one is just an audio thing, doesn’t impact gameplay, while the heals is just a number nerf, not a true “revert”. Revert would be giving symmetra the lock on beam again. Revert would be reintroducing soul orbs for reaper to eat.

Healer player blaming dps for everything, typical


I respect you opinion, but I disagree. I think they are used in conjunction with the game play, and add to it’s experience. So we’ll have to agree to disagree on that.

After the reverts that followed, so no… not really. But hey! Let’s put a pin in that and leave it there. Obviously we share different views on the matter and I would rather respect your different view then try to convince you otherwise.

Pacify functions similar to Brig’s armor pack in how it’s thrown. I don’t play on console, nor did I originally create the ability. I simply think it’s a nice alternative for an E move over rez on cooldown. You’ll have to discuss the details with Titanium or Brawl if you truly want to know all the intricacies of how it should work since it originally was their idea.

Also, I’ve proven to you multiple times already how she was already reverted. But it’s apparent that your mind is made up despite me and multiple people making it plain to you. Whether you accept that facts about her reverted healing and voiceline as examples or not is not something I will continue to try to preach to you, since you even agreed that the healing nerf from 60 back to 50 was in fact a revert - so I’m not sure why you are still trying to look for “proof”.

If you think Mercy is fine and doesn’t need a revert, you are entitled to your opinion and more power to you. I simply do not, and believe she needs a revert, and once again, we’ll have to agree to disagree. :blush:

I already said we’ll have to agree to disagree, so I don’t need to “give” you anything at this point… But allow me to ask you. Do you believe that Valkyrie making Mercy OP for 5 months (the moth meta) was healthy for the game? Yes or no?

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

it was the worst.
But that doesn’t instantly make revert a good option. Because then it’d be unhealthy for mercy.
You want me to believe a revert is the best option at face value, but you aren’t providing good reasons for a revert.
At this point a new rework is more likely than a revert.
But even more likely they are just gonna tweak her a bit and leave it at that.

You said the rework “was the worst…”

So what you are saying is, it was worse than Mass rez… Is that correct?

If the answer is yes, and you agree then that the rework has arguably been a huge failure… What makes you think that another rework would solve her current problems, if the past rework “was the worst”? And how would something entirely new that hasn’t been tested before and what they will have to once again - relearn, be more healthy for Mercy mains than a revert that has proven to actually be balanced in the past, is familiar, and borderline underpowered and in need of simple minor tweaks?

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

Didn’t they, the devs, say that back in like February or March that “Mercy is currently where we feel she should be” and that no further changes to her were to be made.

Only to have her healing nerf.

I mean, doesn’t that give a bit of ground to them actively changing their stance?

Yes that statement was made months ago and that could change.

However that would imply that the former is true as well then.

A time frame as to when a statement was made cannot be used in one instance as a way to deter and argument; ie saying that the “She fine” and getting a nerf is justified because that statement was made months ago.

Then turn around and use a statement, made further back, as an argument that they won’t go back on their word (ie “We have no plans to revert her”).

Both these statements have been made; and one was already dismissed.

All I am saying is that…

Blizz always says one thing and does another. It’s sorta the norm with them.


This not what anyone is disputing. Yes, People can change their minds. This is not what people are pointing out to you.

They are pointing out that there is ZERO indication that the dev’s have done so but PLENTY of indication that their perspective remains unchanged.

Yes, But that change in of itself points to the perception they believe she was still to powerful. Not that she needs to be reverted. Once again, no one is disputing whether or not they CAN change their minds. They can do whatever they want. What people are pointing out is simply that all available information and actions provided by the dev team show zero indication that they will change their mind on it. While at the same time show a tendency to do something else.

I don’t think she is fine but I don’t think she needs a revert either.

And many people here have made it plain why it’s not likely.

They why are you trying to push this as fact?

Yes, they are reverts but they don’t signify anything when it comes to mass rez.

Already have (with Brawl at least). We weren’t able to find a solution that wouldn’t result in Mercy becoming f tier (as in even worse than now).

10 feelings as facts. Noice.


I don’t think it will ever come back.

This isn’t launch when Overwatch only had healers. Mercy, Zen and Lucio. It was fine that mercy was in every game cause she was the ONLY main healer.

Mercy has high mobility and strong, very easy heals throw the ability to just rez 5 people instantly…If Mercy is S-teir with that kit there is simple no reason to pick another healer at any still level. It just too hard to make another healing kit that could compete with that.

They need to add some more mechanical skill to her kit or she is just must pick if you buff her numbers

I would have preferred it to see if it was indeed that kept her at the powerful state before nerfing it.

Then again Blizzard is impatient when it comes to things in general so I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

I’m more in a favor of another rework in general since, even as beloved Mass Rez is by many a Mercy player (not all); it would now go against how the devs “evisioned” OW to be [only took them 2 years after release, kudos] ie the fast-paced and high-burst style gameplay. Mass Rez would go against the fast paced gameplay by extending fights; however as she is now is also contradictory to it too (no burst and her heals are very time consuming).

(Also, I think Mercy shouldn’t have been touched at all; instead the first rework should have gone to Bastion; or if they wanted to focus on tweaks in general then Reaper, McCree, and Ana should have been the ones up. Mercy wasn’t in dire need of changing like those four at the time. Yes in due time she would; but so many other heroes should have been looked at before her.)

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That clickbait title tho

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Then why couldn’t they actually link to it when I asked if they had any proof? XP

Because the proof is provided by the actions they take.

All the actions they have taken between now and when they made the statement of no revert back in february has been consistently on point with working with what she has now.

None of the actions they have taken can honestly be used as evidence to say their minds have changed in the slightest or will ever do so.

And you can also take it as the small tweaks as something to hold everyone off until later (like after the Torb changes go through) before drastically changing another character. Honestly, it’s all about perspective, and why I said it’s possible that they changed their minds.

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That’s a long road from Mass Res Will Return.

As I’ve said, your mind is made up, despite the facts on her already being reverted being given. I am not here to convince you on why I believe Mass res will return, I am giving 10 reasons why I believe it will. You are mature enough to make your own decisions, and my opinions is just that, my opinion. You are free to believe whatever you wish.

That is your assumption. I made this thread literally starting with “Why I Believe…” That should have indicated to you that the post was infact my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your opinion! We’ll have to agree to disagree on that then. :blush:

Since none of us are devs, we’re just giving an opinion, so the only answer I have for you is - You’re going to have to just wait and see if both a revert / pacify will actually make her F-tier before we make assumptions. I can tell you everything under the sun about Mercy based on her past events.

At the end of the day, whether anything I’ve said makes you cry with how beautifully written it is, or makes you rage with anger, or indifferent is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not Mass Rez will Return at the end of the day, and if it will be a good healthy change for the game as a whole. One side believes it will, and the other side believes it won’t. I believe it will return, and you do not. And we’re all voicing our thoughts on the matter. And that is fine. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.