Mass Res Will Return | 10 Reasons Why


Not to sound harsh but…

You haven’t played many Blizz games have you?

They’ve done this all the time with WoW. (Possibly one of my favorites is the Worgen mount fiasco many moons ago).

OW is a Blizz game; you just need to go in prepared for them to double talk


So why was Rez the only ult that required another ult to counter it and why was it okay for it to promote bad ult economy?


I hear that all the time, people going after supports because they can in some cases save a team’s rear-end in a pinch. I hear people say go after Reaper/D.Va/McCree as well.

I dunno, it feels like Blizzard is rewarding players that don’t plan ahead with these Mercy changes.


For the unenlightened, why could you ride werewolves?


At this point, yes. Isn’t there a megathread anyway? But wait, better flood the forums with the same topics all day err day, surely that will change the devs mind!


Keep in mind that this is old but it’s the closest thing we have to confirmation.


Did you even read my post? I worked hard on that… :sob:


That is actually fair enough. She didn’t need the invincibility, that was an overeaction buff. My point still stands.


People love to act like the megathread is in a usable state. It has literally become a meme thread and has exceeded its reply limit… Stop trying to redirect us to something that’s out of commission.


What are you trying to prove?


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



She would wait until AFTER the teamfight to ult while other heroes ult DURING the teamfight.


Well you are talking about Mercy, by your logic, currently you are spamming.
Also the megathread achieved nothing and even mods knows it, thats why moderators are not locking and merging Mercy threads to it.


They were asking about Tracer’s playerbase.


You could create a new megathread.


Yeah,but those heroes don’t go hiding. And don’t have invulnerability when ulting.

Mercy being able to have so much impact on a match with no counterplay was not healthy for the game


So, what part of the stages of grief and loss are we at again? I mean, we keep on bouncing around from denial to bargaining and back to denial again.

Again, I’ll echo (AS A MERCY PLAYER, MYSELF) again the same thing. Mass Res IS NOT coming back, no matter much you wish it.

Here, take a bag of chocolates, go cry in your depression once that reality sinks in, and learn to deal with the cards that have been dealt. This post-fest of denial is not healthy for you, it’s time to move on.


Only ult? Same could be said about Lucio against Sombra EMP, Zen’s trans against Dragonstrike or Dragonblade. So, her ult isnt the only ults thats needed to counter another ult.

Because it stops people from spamming Q to win. It made you THINK about your ult and your decision. For me, it made me feel aware and sensible on when or when not to ult. If I havent seen a Mercy ult, I save it until the time is right. Whats so wrong about ult economy in the first place?

What your basically implying is “Why should I think before what I do”


Ok? Competitive play doesn’t account for the entire playerbase. There are those that don’t play competitive. I’m just going off of what the devs explicitly said.


Stages of grief you mean~