[Mar 2] Disconnections and Login Issues

Things as far as I have seen have been resolved. I’ve gone 2 games thus far and haven’t been disconnected at all.

yeah, i’ve tested this a while back, played 2 games of quickplay, tiny ow island and 4 competitive matches, no more issues

Seems like everything is stable. A couple of lag spikes here and there, but nothing like it was before.

I’m not with spectrum and I just had four dc in a row within two minutes of the game starting.

Same here. Checked my graphic drivers, my internet connection but its been pretty bad. Strangely, no one in my house is currently experiencing any issues so Im assuming there is a server issue.

Eight hours later, latency still thrice normal (~78 vs 26ms). No huge lag spikes since my first game today though, hours ago. Spectrum, Wisconsin.

ME,but in asia servers

occuring in aus servers now (SYD2)

Okay so out of curiosity since this keep happening will players get sr back that they lost due to this issue? or do we just lose out?

same here error LC-202?

Back to normal latency now.

I am still experiencing unusually high ping constantly, it never drops below 100.

indonesian here, i don’t think its ISP problem. its so hard to connect to the server from here too. try to check your BGP routing blizz. maybe there are some looping on the routing to the server side.

After monitoring the connection, this issue appears to be resolved. It’s safe to return back to normal gameplay as usual.

This issue has been confirmed to impact Spectrum users only and intended to track these reports. There is currently no known issues with the servers at this current moment. If we find a trend in reports with a region, peering, or provider, we track your reports. Connection issues are frustrating to run into, and they’re not as straight forward with multiple different network devices, peering that determine the connection route to the servers. We gather information for these situations (individual or provider issues alike) to see where the problem is, and provide a reasoning to the problem.

If you are continuing to experience issues or are not on spectrum and experiencing issues, we need to look into these issues individually. It’s difficult to track multiple different issues on one thread, so we ask you to create your own thread or to contact our Technical Support team, so we can work with you.

Thank you for your reports and patience on this, everyone! Since we’ve confirmed that most connections are stable, this thread has been closed.

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