[Mar 2] Disconnections and Login Issues

Interesting. Mine was a red warning box with a lightning bolt.

Oh good its not just me. I lost some games but thank god I didn’t lose 50+ SR.

Another Spectrum customer. Got a DC from arcade game just under an hour ago, had to run an errand then got DC from another game after I got back. I rebooted everything and when trying to log into the game it sat for a long time at the “searching for game server” screen so I assumed the problem was still around. Shame, as this is probably the only time today I’ll get to play.

spectrum here too. did anybody contact them. i have to sober up now

… so MAD

Is the spectrum service dropping? Or is it just overwatch’s connection to spectrum that’s dropping? I’m using spectrum internet for things other than overwatch right now and it’s working fine

Welp I’d recommend not playing comp right now until this whole thing is fixed

I just lost over 50 sr because of this and now i cant even play the game. I’ve tried at least over 20 times but i still get disconnected. I was also suspended for 30 minutes.

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I sent out a message to Spectrum on Twitter. Dunno if I’ll get an answer, but it’s better than nothing.

It appears to be limited to the Blizzard servers at the moment.

Ok gotcha thanks just wondering

has it gotten any better?

I’m so glad its not just me. I was getting frustrated because i would be in decent games, and dc right before capturing a point, or winning the game. I wish they would create a system that puts you back in the game if you experience a SMALL disconnect…maybe like a 10 second window, because these seem to pass very quickly, and then puts me back at the main menu .

seems to be better for me now just played a game or two and I didn’t dc once. Hopefully it stays good

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No official updates on our end, but some folks have been reporting some improvements. It may still be good to avoid any quickplay or competitive modes until we have official word on this looking good on our end :slight_smile: We’re still monitoring and working on this!


probably not im sure, the same thing just happened to me. queued, and disconnected, got penalized. this game is always broken

im back on and everything is runing fine now.

Spectrum’s tracking it right there with you.

Do we have any updates? Spectrum is saying it’s a Blizzard issue, Blizzard is saying it’s a Spectrum issue. That’s what I’m hearing on Twitter.

Our network team is in contact with Spectrum on the issue. Things seem to be recovering and chatter has died down from what I can tell.

Are you able to log in again and test a quick match or two to see if things are stable?

Let us know if the disconnections continue.

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