Map reloading mid-game

I’m experiencing a weird bug. It has happened to me twice today. Everything starts rubber banding backwards, the screen goes black and then reloads the map i’m in, in the middle of the game. I don’t respawn in my team’s spawn room, it just acts as if I ran into a wall for a few seconds.

Now my ISP isn’t the greatest, but it’s fast enough to handle all the devices in my house and my latency is always at around 35ms and i’m using a wired connection with a gigabit ethernet cable. The latency doesn’t jump when it reloads the map either.

What’s causing this and could it be related to the multiple “Your rendering device has been lost!” crashes (that I have since solved) I’ve experienced earlier today?

It could be related to your rendering device bug, and it could be another issue. Go ahead and post the networking tests they suggest in this thread: