Map Glitch Permanent Contest Exploit Point B Anubis


I have video evidence of a player exploiting the bug where you can get inside the cut out/coffin thing on second point as Doomfist, and I’m not sure how to submit it to support. His entire 4 stack and the 2 randos on his team were aware and defended his actions. We should have easily won the game first round but because of their cheating, the match was dragged out to a 17 minute draw. No matter how many times we wiped the rest of the team off point (including 3 times in one fight), we could not make progress as the cheater was untouchable and permanently contesting.

This isn’t a new bug, I’m surprised it hasn’t been fixed.

(David Adams) #2

Sent it over to QA. Got the video as well, thanks!


This is devastating to hear but if you do get wall exploiters like this. Hanzo ultimate can usually kill them as it goes through terrain.

Hope that helps if you encounter it again before it gets fixed. don’t forget to report the players doing it


Such a simple solution! I wish we had thought of it the entire 7 minutes we were attacking haha