Man That Mercy Buff


The whole basis of your argument is saying Valkyrie is X, which would mean you think your statement is correct. But beyond that, considering how you’re flaking out on this conversation, I guess that’s all I’m going to say. Would be a waste of time to say more.


I am sorry to hear that your play as Mercy is so poor that you are only able to get ult once a game

You should probably practice the character more


I thought she was already in rework territory considering her state? Either a numerical one or mechanic overhaul will be coming sooner or later I suppose, so I’m not too concerned with her current state right now (though the earliest possible patch would probably be the one after blizzcon which is like two months later). Well ,maybe I’ve already given up lol.

Regardless, it is still a buff, and fits the definition of it in every single way. Is it a good one? Not sure, and we all know it is somewhat of a revert from the last patch. However, one thing we have to remember is that buffing a very bad character will only make them less bad. If they suddenly become good from very bad then that change must be brokenly OP.


If so, it’s trash anyway.


They didn’t give her healing back outside of Valk. And during Valk damage boost is a better option most of the time anyway.




It was reduced because her healing nerf made it charge 15% slower, its still just half a revert :woman_shrugging:


It literally didnt change much. Its the same as it was in the previous patch before Mercy got the 50hps nerf.


My hope is that Blizz now gives Mercy tiny buffs until she´s viable again and a good hero to choose, and not a burden to the team.


Her ult lasts 15 seconds. Hence why its worth only 15 seconds of gameplay at a time. Obviously I get her ult more than once a game, I figured people would be smart enough to know this without having to say it outright. Clearly I was wrong.


I agree. Every hero should be viable, especially healers. My hope is that one day we can go back to previous metas like the good old days. With the recent buffs for Reaper, Roadhog, and Mercy, it seems as if those metas aren’t so impossible after all…


no they haven’t directly said it, but 99% of the buffs suggested will turn her into the only viable healer again. which everyone is tired of after a full year of her being insanely overpowered.


Yes, everyone is tired of it, especially Mercy mains! You are peddling something that isn’t true. We don’t want her OP again.


Nor the ideas that others have


Meanwhile Ana:

Almost like anti-heal, new nano and the super low ulti charge make her a must pick when she shuts down other supports and then genji teamwipes for you with no chance of stopping him every teamfight. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

“Ana takes skill, therefore it’s ok she’s good at high tiers of play”. Doesn’t look balanced to me.


*reverted. Key difference, it was a terrible ultimate before she was nerfed.


The community asked for more heals and a more impactful ult.

You got EXACTLY what you asked for.


when did we get this (and asked for) exactly?


Going from 60 HPS to 50 is a 17% reduction.

They buffed the charge rate by 15%, so it’s still effectively a 2% nerf to an ultimate that already had little to no impact.


Actually, I think it was 17% making it not even a full revert lol.

Whoops, I was late with this comment. xD Bahaha.