Man That Mercy Buff

Why is it a bad ult? Because you personally don’t like it and find it ‘boring’?

Not one Mercy player has said this or anything even remotely like this ever. Just stop.

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This has been answered countless times already.

delete it
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Wasn’t talking to you at all, friend. Stop speaking for OP and interjecting/butting in for no reason. I think Mercy, and Valk, is refreshing, balanced, and fun. If you don’t find Valk useful then your team isn’t utilizing it, yell at them to play death ball and clump up for 15 seconds. If you find it boring, that’s a personal problem. And you will never please everyone.

One, this is a forum, so expect more than one person to respond to whatever the heck you are saying. And two, really, so anything else anyone has said is somehow discounted because the OP didn’t specifically say it? You have had your answer for MONTHS now. And your answer for why it’s good is weak. Just saying… And you’re implying that saying it’s a bad ult means it’s boring. It’s a bad ult because it’s a bad ult. Plain and simple.

Also, read the Valkyrie section here: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Activision Blizzard does not care about their customers, all they care about is the bottom line, money.

What? That made no sense to me.

Delelte it fat?

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I was looking for OPs opinion. You butted in and gave some smart a ss answer and not even your own opinion.

I see many people say they want Valk gone just because it’s boring and that is a lame reason to want something out of a game.

It’s not a bad ult if you and your team can use it properly. It is very, very hard to die in Valk due to movement speed, guardian angel buffs and self heal buffs. Unless you get ulted of course. 60hps x 5 over 10 meters and 30%dmg boost x 5 over 10 meters is hardly a bad ult. You just need to utilize it properly. It should last ~20 or 25 seconds though. And maybe give it 70hps and 35%dmg as well.

EDIT: Oh, by the way, I’ve read that thread before. Comparing Valk to Trans and Supercharger is not a good comparison. They are completely different ults. Trans is a defensive ult and is mainly used to negate other ults. Supercharger is a set it and forget it, so it makes sense to have an insane damage boost. Valk is an engagement ult. You clump together, pop Valk, rush point/defend point in a death ball. You can’t die and your team gets chain healing or damage boost.

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Mercy receives a buff ?

I already gave up hope :joy:

It’s not butting in. It’s a forum. Get over it.

Not even my own opinion? So I can’t share the same thoughts as someone else? Okay, then.

Considering games are supposed to be FUN, AND the fact that Mercy was reworked because she was UNFUN to play against, FUN FACTOR is, indeed, a good reason to want Valkyrie removed as an ult.

Honestly, go read Titanium’s thread. It says everything I would and more.

Replying to your edit:

Actually, it is a good comparison, because it’s a watered down version of Zen’s ult and Orisa’s ult. It’s a weak overlap of both, which is, well, weak, all things considered, and just a lame copy and paste of those two ults. It’s not unique.

And Valkyrie is some sort of spectator mode once activated. It does the healing for you for 15 seconds, assuming your team is even grouped up. You are essentially boiling down her HEALING ult to survival only (or killing, which goes against her pacifist nature), or its one decent time to use, which is at the start of an engagement. Which is limited and, well, stupid.

And if you’re lucky (or unlucky) that your team is grouped up, it just sets up your team to be ulted which, by the way, you can’t counter as Mercy. And we all know that you can heal from the ceiling or around corners, effectively hiding while using it, which goes against one of the goals of the rework, and you can do it from miles away – which, in no way, makes it engaging (another goal of the rework).

It can’t counter anything, unlike mass rez. And it is easily out damaged by attacks. It’s not engaging. It doesn’t really serve its intended purpose. And…let’s just think of what Mercy was at the start of the rework to what we have now – I think that speaks for itself.

Is this the " We are gonna revert Mercy, if she gets too bad " that Jeff Kaplan was talking about :pleading_face: ?

Sure bossman, you’re the Mastermind. Whatever you say.

That’s literally all you have to say to my counterarguments to your points? Says a lot to me, then.

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It’s pretty simple. I disagree with you, you disagree with me. Nothing will come from engaging with this any more. We won’t get anything out of it. I’m saving us both a solid half hour at least. The only thing it could possibly say about me is that I don’t want to spend time on this conversation any longer and I also don’t want to write novels on my phone. That’s pretty much it. But reach all you want. Have a good night my man.

You disagree, but I actually came up with counters to what you said. You provided nothing to counter what I said. You simply disagreeing doesn’t make you right, or mean I’m “reaching.” What I said was valid, and anything related to Valkyrie being boring was routed right back to what the devs claimed they wanted for Mercy with the rework. Valkyrie is a joke of an ult, plain and simple.

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You did provide counters. My previous post lables my thoughts and I would just repeat myself. Never thought I was right, that’s a reach right there. Never even alluded to me being right, just gave you my opinion. You thinking that just becsuse I don’t want to respond to your long post with another long post on my phone doesn’t say anything about me other than I don’t feel like spending time on it. It’s a reach if you think it’s anything more. Honestly, have a good night man.

The whole basis of your argument is saying Valkyrie is X, which would mean you think your statement is correct. But beyond that, considering how you’re flaking out on this conversation, I guess that’s all I’m going to say. Would be a waste of time to say more.

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I am sorry to hear that your play as Mercy is so poor that you are only able to get ult once a game

You should probably practice the character more