Making the jump, fellas

I’m a console player who’s been recently playing on PC, but I’ve played with a controller the whole time and now I’m switching to KB+M

I’ve tried this several times for years and I just never liked how movement worked on PC, I couldn’t get into it. So wish me luck, I’m gonna need it


Good luck, it just takes a bit of practice


It’s especially hard when you’ve never owned a computer your whole life I can barely use it right for things that aren’t gaming

Don’t worry it’s not as hard as you’re making it out to be. You’ll get used to it.

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I switched to PC a while ago with another game and it took me a while to get used to the wasd movement as I would often fumble or cramp up. Now its like second nature. Just play lots and you’ll make it, good luck.


Definitely makes my hands sore but then again I’m playing on a laptop

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  1. Disable mouse smoothing in Windows, and in-game.
  2. Go to the training room, pick two random points, like the top two corners of the spawn door. Move your mouse back and forth quickly. Adjust sensitivity until you can accurately and quickly land on each point. Pick two more points and do it again.

Right keyboard makes it also a different experience but its always person depending.

i think that it just takes some getting used to.
Personally, aside from my fighting games, i find using gamepads awkward.
Things just move slower and not as smoothly.

My children had played games on the Nintendo Switch and also on their PCs.
Both, being young, are naturally more adaptable and have less long term in grained muscle memories. Yet both prefer gaming on the PCs because they find KBM to be more suitable for them (and the games which they play).
This case in point is just to illustrate that it should not take too long to acclimatise yourself to the KBM interface.

As you progress along into the game, you would probably begin to wonder about the “correct” settings to fine tune your OW experience on the PC. This may be helpful for you:

And then you probably would go into the realms of monitors speed and things like input lag. This may also be helpful:

I am unsure if the console culture is the same as the PC one but this may be useful to you as well:

Hope all these help and welcome once again to the PC Master Race =)


Tip here : play slow paced games at first with simple inputs. I’d recommend subnautica (or even minecraft) . Get a feel for movement with wasd and mouse, sprint with shift, jump with space, etc. with occasional other key presses.

Then maybe play some faster paced games, or just jump right into OW.

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it’s just muscle memory, at first you will have to force it to start wiring and inputting stuff, later you’ll get a bit aqainted with it albeit a bit clumsy but over time it’s gonna fall into place.

Get a proper keyboard. Laptop keyboard will not help you stick to this new habit you’re trying to build.

Get a PS3 Navigation controller wand for your left hand instead:


Somebody recently got #1 in North America using a Nav+Mouse.

I actually have the exact opposite issue, I can’t stand how aiming works as I feel like I’ve tied my own hand behind my back and am now trying to play.

If you’re comfortable with a controller then play with that unless you really want to play with KB+M, which is just muscle memory.

Overwatch (along with almost every game since like 1995) uses raw input, and is completely unaffected by the windows cursor settings. The only mouse smoothing or acceleration that would occur is in the mouse sensor or mouse driver itself.

Good to know, but couldn’t hurt to get used to direct input when not gaming too :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough. I did this myself, though I’m not convinced it ever helped me in any way

As a former console player myself (not overwatch just in general) I highly recommend this mouse.

I only recommend it if you have large hands though cause it’s a big mouse. It’s perfect for me though cause my keyboard abilities suck. I have the extra buttons bound to numpad keys and have all my abilities and ult on my mouse.

It takes some getting used to but as former controller user it’s easier then using a keyboard.