Making large Workshop projects with bad internet speeds


Hey there, I’m the person that lost a ton of progress the other day due to a brief disconnect. (

But I didn’t let that discourage me for long, and I rebuilt my entire project in less than half the time and have been working tirelessly since. However…

Although my project is close to completion, it is progressively becoming more and more difficult to work on due to some of the problems I mentioned in that other thread. When your upload speed is low and your script size is large, your lobby will fail to update and time out your attempts to do so (with no error message to say it has done so, mind you, I only figured this out from watching my network activity in the task manager). I live in the southern US and there aren’t really many good options for fast internet (within my budget), so I have to deal with my 1 (one!) mbps upload speed that often doesn’t even reach 0.5. This extends to saving presets as well, as it will time out your attempts to save should they take too long with no indication, often leading to losing progress despite saving a multitude of times.

I am hopeful that after my experiences before, the dev team has taken note of these issues and they are planning on some kind of solution, and I am aware that a change like that would probably not happen overnight, but I must say it cannot come soon enough!

I’ve been having to use my phone as a hotspot and get upload speed high enough to meet the Workshop’s demands (when it feels like it), but I’ve used up almost all my monthly data at this point, so I worry I may need to put my project on hold, when I feel like I’m already at the home stretch of this nearly two week project.

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Hi there, thanks in part to your report we looked into the performance of large Workshop projects.

We went ahead and made some improvements that you will see in the next patch. Saving, uploading, generating links, editing, and running “large” projects should be a better experience overall, even with bad internet speeds.

In the last patch we also found and fixed an issue where saving presets that had errors in them would actually just overwrite the preset but not save any scripting that was in there.

Thanks again for your feedback!


May i ask a official answer on the import/export ideas many people have proposed?

Ill admit i dont understand most of the xml or json posts, and what their properties are. However, its hard to imagine this has never crossed you guy’s mind.

This would prevent so many unessecary lost progress, would make cloud and game instability less of a threat and give us a better way to store and keep our backups, and even distribute code.

Is it a security issue? Is it because consoles cant benefit? Is it purely a permission issue, and you guys arent allowed to, or is it because you guys just havent had the time yet?

I can understand all, dont get me wrong. Im not whining you guys to implement it, but it would be nice to have a definite answer from the developer why this particular feature hasnt been implemented yet, and may or may not ever will… That being said, perhaps you guys have given a official statement before and i just missed it… Sorry if that is the case.


If you want to, you could try and get someone else to save your preset for you by having them join your lobby, save your settings, and then when you want to load it you ask them for a share code and then load that.

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The new PTR patch has made the Workshop so much more responsive, it’s nearly instant now! I’m excited to get back to work, thank you so much, devs!


Indeed, and my most recent workshop breakdown example is thankfully fixed by it too.

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