Make your secret MMR public already!

Because it’s not necessary. And it’s not about your opinions alone. People may not want others to see their MMR

To keep players at ~50% win rate at heros which they play some games has to be " one way crushed " before doors open. If MMR shows in game and ppl can see that " lol, my team mates are much lower than im and enemy team is way better " what do you think that there will be happen? MMR is made to balance everyones games, not just help you to glimb up, you have to grind and play like 100 - 200 games at one hero to see how MMR treats you and what is your win%. If it is over 50% and you lose more SR than you win, then it’s about you why you can’t glimb up. But if you have roughly 50% win rate after 100 games and you win more SR than lose, then you steady glimb up to next rank, if you don’t tilt like this and come to forums cry about MMR, and probably main reason was " match maker is giving bad team mates to me ". Quess what? everyone gets " bad team mated ".

e: Personally im Bronze player and i know that im only reason why i can’t glimb up, but im okay with it, i play this video game just for fun and spending some time.

I don’t buy that. They have the resources to protect and prosecute knock-offs. They’re not publishing because it’s broken or overly convoluted with unexplainable ML and all kinds of invasive data tracking.

If a similar game comes along with a witty winking british blinking girl there will be 40 ATVI lawyers claiming copyright infringement.

You patent the scheme(s) if you’re that scared competitors would snipe them. I don’t know why they would though, considering it’s the single most despicable ranking system ever implemented.


Show us the MMR, or get rid of it.

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This 100% accurate imo. Just lost like 10 games of ctf comp in a row. Maybe I was tilted in some of them but I started all of them positive. Why didn’t I stop? Meh I still a ton for 50 games so it doesn’t matter if I drop now.
On my first 3 I got unlucky people picked my main and I wasn’t able to carry as much anymore (also didn’t help that they weren’t doing their job). After that though I got blessed with a toxic Lucio who just sat down in spawn mid game and a bunch of dps Moira’s. This says nothing? Okay but then why was that dps Moira in my diamond game when he didn’t even get to Plat in 19 seasons? His peak was 2200 so he was placed 1000 SR higher are telling me his MMR was the same as mine? Nah he feeded his brain out like a gold in a diamond game.

At least I figured out that psbr is still active in arcade or else I would have dropped to Plat instead of 3100.

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Yes, you are correct.

You weren’t there, do you think I wouldn’t tilt when our Lucio calls someone else trash and sits down for the rest of the game?
Like I’ve said I started every game positive it had nothing to do with attitude and more with my team running around like headless chickens after the enemy team had one flag.

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i honestly believe that were all being conned by this whole “were going to update faster and talk more” bull that jeff is feeding us. They are shoehorning in a staple change that will solve the issues that makes the game easier for THEM to balance not more fun for US to play.

Oh tired of stale metas? instead of balacing heroes and actually doing our jobs were just going to ban certain heroes (that only we the gods of overwatch) will say, tune in this week for dive, next week is no barrier double sniper! how fun!

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And how this affect to your own game? Just ignore him, add him avoid list and report if feels so. It was just a one game, get ower it and move on, if you just think how retard that Lucio was and how that lose " waw hes fault " you will never glimb up. One game, so what? If you like that game then play 50 more and you will see how rares those players are.

i am that player, there are far too many like us that are simply done with the social aspect of the overwatch experience. my main account is widow only right now, i throw instantly if someone complains. if you dont like somone elses pick and you ask once politely and they dont swap, your only endangering your own game pursing it further.

what people need to accept is that if blizz is going to encourage, and allow 1 tricks then playing around one tricks as a tank/healer should be expected as well. if your a one trick thats complaining to another one trick about one tricking you shouldnt throw stones.

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not necessarily, this is more about psychology. and overwatch is notorious for stale metas and inflexible players. people sleep on heroes for months who suddenly become meta just because the pro scene doesn’t use them. even if nothing changes

see stage three last season of owl. pharah was the same for the whole year but only in stage three she suddenly dominated goats.

that’s simply because the game is so complex and people are rather going the “safe route” and use what’s proven to work

if you get numbers that prove something works, it will be exploited to the maximum extent until the devs address it.

having all the data will make people even try less things and cement metas even further

the past has proven that already.

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I know throwers are rare but stupidity isn’t. I can’t even count the amount of players who forget their abilities like tp, hook, heal bursts and more. This is just embarrassing especially for diamond. Wouldn’t even expect that from bronze.
Judging by your funny comments you must be thinking “so what if your team plays bad your enemies will do”.
That’s common logic but sadly it didn’t apply even though they made mistakes at least they had solid team play and ability management. If your team stands around and presses left click here and there you won’t win.
What am I supposed to do 1v6 after my team dies? Apparently that’s what the game expects me to do but f that I’m gonna regroup and try again knowing too well that everyone will just get farmed again and there isn’t a single thing I can do to prevent that not even by going Rein.

Haven’t tracked my games but my guess is that 70% were a disaster not even close like 3 min games at best. 20% were close but lost because the team tilted and gave up halfway through and 10% were easy where I just had to support my teammates because for once they knew what they were doing.
30% isn’t worth it to me sorry but if MM decides to F me then I will just get a buddy to hop on a smurf and take away the random factor of trash mates.

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the answer to this is to nerf the most powerful hero, not hide the MMR formula

I got tired of trying, just to lose due to some thrower or person who’s too busy typing about someone’s hero pick to even play.

So, i got on one of my other accounts just to experiment with something.

I played my off heroes, and stood around doing almost nothing.

What i found out was that if i don’t win the game, we have 0% chance to win the game. But i wasn’t throwing. I was trying, just on off heroes. Not quite as effective as i’d be on my mains. Yet i’d still have gold damage and elims for most of the games. I sat and watched the teammates, what they’re doing, and how they can’t win a 4v6 fight unless i’m on my main hero, trying my hardest.

That’s how Overwatch creates even matches.

If you are ALWAYS trying, always playing your best, you get to play with people who just can’t hang otherwise. As soon as you play an off hero, the team completely fails. I mean, it’s not like i’ve never played Hanzo. I just don’t usually play him. I still had the most elims, somehow. I was shocked at half time to see that i was playing terrible, yet still the best on my team? What kind of team was this meant to be? This was supposed to be an even match, if i had played my mains? How darn hard am i usually asked to carry then?

Forcing every match to have even odds, by looking at people’s stats and expecting them to play at that level. It’s rigged up that way.

If you do something unexpected once, watch the system fail. Such as, team up with 5 random players. Just, non-throwing, halfway decent, players. Each time i’ve done that, we literally go 14-0 and rank up quickly. Yet we’re all just low gold players, right? Why would we stand out at the same rank we’ve been playing at for years? Wouldn’t other gold players have the same skill? I guess not. We won a bunch of games, because we bypassed the rigged matchmaker that usually sticks us with bad players just to force an even match. When we do not give the matchmaker that chance, the games are easy?

Or, try to do the opposite once. Try an off hero like i did. You certainly can not count on the team. Because the system isn’t happy to just toss random 2100 players in a game. No, they insist on using MMR to force an even match. As a non-throwing, non-smurf, non-wood tier player… if YOU don’t win the game. Your team can’t win the game.

Now, you might say that’s exactly how it should work, right? You played an off hero, you lost a bunch of games. But i don’t believe you should if the games were truly random. I don’t believe it’s right that you can’t try an off hero, and at least count on your team to win a 4v6. I don’t believe that YOU should have to play your absolute best on your mains, and if you stop doing that, you lose 6 in a row. Just because you did something unexpected for the matchmaker. It was all up to you, huh? You never did have good teammates. You just had even matches because YOU made it even. Teamates can do nothing at all if you take it down a notch. Not even throwing. Just… an off hero.

Worst of all… it’s going to flip tomorrow. The system will see me as the crap teammate due to my recent losses and stats. It will try to make things even by giving me better teammates. Except, i’m not a thrower so suddenly i’ll get a bunch of easy games. Why would i deserve easy mode? I wouldn’t. Or, i shouldn’t. Yet OW does that because it handicaps the matches trying to give everyone a nice even match even if they don’t deserve it. I will win games, on my off heroes, playing maybe 70% of my actual skill… just because they matchmaker is handicapping the games.

Fake wins. Handed to me, just because i’ve been underperforming. I don’t want fake wins. I don’t want easier games just because better teammates are needed to force an even match.

I want random games. No MMR. Do not look at my stats. Do not look at a hidden rating. I’m 1800. Give me other 1800’s and see if i can beat them. I don’t want better teammates just because i lost a bunch of games thanks to that same handicapping in the first place. I don’t want hard mode when that comes around again.

And man, i wonder how long i’ve had hard mode. When i play some off heroes for the first time maybe ever in comp… the team can do NOTHING at all.
All those even matches i’ve had to end up with a record of 67-67-3. Exactly 50%. All those matches, i’ve had these teammates just to make the match even?

Trash all the data, and just give people random games in their SR range. OR, get rid of it and let us see our MMR. I’d love to know if it’s high. I’d love to judge my own performance by seeing my TRUE rating that the matchmaker is using. If i suck, i suck. If i’m hot, i want to see it. It’s not as fun to gain 21 SR after a big game, when your MMR might have done something else. How much further apart were my teammates? If i play 70% and that causes the entire team to flop, can’t even push the point past the first corner? Come on.

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Is that account a smurf? Does it have a lot of playtime (in one season) on it? If your team can’t win a 4v6 fight, but can with you then yeah you’re the highest rated player.

How else would you create an even match if 6 people of your SR/MMR were unavailable? The options are either extend queue times or group you with lower or higher players. If you consistently play your main, then it’s obvious that your MMR will be calibrated based on it. Since you still outperformed on one of your worse heroes (how many games did you play as Hanzo? One game isn’t enough), if this happened over multiple games then that indicates that either your Hanzo is better than you thought or your MMR rating is undervaluing you.

Firstly, they don’t explicitly look at your stats.

It’s based on uncertainty and how players perform relative to the calculated win probability. How it calculates this, no one knows, but one thing I’ve noticed is that in game where the enemy team has a higher SR, I will gain more for a win or lose less for a loss. This ties in with how MMR and SR are closely linked for active players, as uncertainty falls. The more a player plays the game and stays around a certain skill level, the more certain the matchmaker is of their skill.

Teaming up with people only decreases matchmaking accuracy. Since all 6 people must fit into a game, less balanced matches have to be found so don’t accurately reflect your MMR. Every time I go on a streak like that I fall straight back down (unless I’ve improved to stay up there, or was initially too low for my skill). I don’t understand how making a fair match is rigged? Someone rated 1 and someone rated 1.5 give an average of 1.25. Having an average of 1.25 rating isn’t the same as 6 1.25 rated players (the latter being more balanced) but in the interests of lowering queue times they would have to implement this (and possibly adjust MMR gains for this - possibly). This is absolutely fair.

Why should the system toss random 2100 players in? If one of them was a smurf, then the system would not be able to tell and adjust the matchmaking rating for fair games, and games would be far more unbalancing. Then all the crying on the forums would be justified.

Having to try your hardest is a bad thing? People like to blame their teammates for being bad but as someone who has smurfed extensively, I can tell you most of the people (in game and on the forums) who talk about bad teammates have so many things they need to work on before they target their teammates.

Do you even realise what a massive advantage a 6v4 is? At masters+ a 4v6 is more often than not a completely lost fight. That’s the way the game works.

And what about all the games where you’re placed with people better than you? From my experience on my smurfs, once the system determined I was a one, it would give me higher SR games where I was the lowest rated player by far. I would then outperform and gain loads of SR and rank up quickly. If this happens to you, and you can’t carry on a hero other than your main then you’re at your true SR - i.e. balanced.

Because the matchmaker is trying to be fair. It can’t tell that you’re messing around on an off hero, all it sees is you losing games against people you were expected to bear. The matchmaker isn’t handicapping anyone, you’re trying to mess with the matchmaker. What do you expect to happen?

Then don’t mess around and play properly. How on earth could someone argue an even match is good? Is it not obvious that you need worse players on a team to balance out better ones?

This would be disastrous. Refer to my section about smurfs.

Congratulations, you’re at your true skill range.

Ah yes, I too would love to see the incessant forum posts about how the matchmaker is unfairly undervaluing people and they are better but the team is dragging them down /s

Here’s a secret. You’ve played nearly 150 games. Your SR IS your MMR.

You gain 24 SR for a balanced match. Either you were boosted or your team was higher rated than theirs.

and that makes another hero the most powerful, and solves nothing in the long run, unless you somehow manage to find the perfect balance in a game with 31(+) heroes

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funny you should mention that :slight_smile:

if the MMR goes public, people will abuse it. They’ll see what works or not, and only work on what does to climb up. Which is a sad thing, because others would use it as a tool to really gauge their skills, which is impossible right now since you have no feedback whatsoever about what you’re doing in game. But the MMR can’t check everything though, it can’t check if you acted as a bait, pre-shot or spam to block the enemy’s way, cheeky payload push “à la c9”,… many things that can help you win, I’d say even some things that show you have a good understanding, so yeah. I believe it should be public though

Scammers are not about to reveal their scam.

Forget it.

Disagree, Q times are at an all time low having played years now. However agree with MMR had no business :smiley: