Make Torbjorn's Turret More Powerful

What if the turret got some sort of buff (damage increase and/or regenerating health?) from sitting in a lava pool from Molten Core?

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That’s a cool idea, and maybe the more lava you put on it the more buffed it becomes

It does 56dps lol damm dude what more u want

The damage output is fine, but it doesn’t have the survivability. It needs to be harder to kill, and have some new function that makes it fun (like bringing back levels or something).

Which ironically is what Torb’s Turret should have been so he can have real abilities made for Overwatch and not TF2.

so youve been killed by it? as a fllanker you have to dynamically reasses your dive, because you fear the power of torb?

IDK, Maybe the devs who want their majority of players to keep playing the game?

Right now, Torb isnt in a good place. He doesnt see much play time. And if he got his lvl 3 turret back along with keeping his lava, i think he would be a lot more viable. However, DONT give it as much damage to compensate. Just my 2 cents😁

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Ehh why would the developers ever buff Torbjorn’s least skillful part of kit?

If anything and because Torbjorn got some really unneeded nerfs a couple of months ago, they should revert those and everything would be fine really.

They definitely dont care. Thats the only explanation behind their balance changes ha

You just need to place it smartly. I’ve had games where the Torb is doing tons of work with his turret because of his placement, but then there’s games where they do nothing because they try to place it on the frontlines.


I would rather have the turret health and or damage nerfed and his gun buffed.

I want the hammer buffed. not kidding. It is good, but clunky.

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honestly if you can’t counter torb’s turret you deserve to be in bronze let’s be real here. Torb at the highest level is pretty much useless. I would like him to be viable at all levels. Turret level 3 would certainly improve his viability for sure.

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Torb’s old turret was one of the huge reasons I got Overwatch in the first place. He was fun but thanks to the constant trolls crying “What are you doing that’s a throw pick WAAAAAH” at the time, the update Torb got later made one of my most favorite heroes to play become my least.

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IF we’re going to buff torb, we should at most buff his rivet gun or allow his hammer to repair lost armor. Not that i think he needs buffs though.

Make it more powerful? It already is. It has auto aim, so if you are behind it while it is shooting someone else and they die or leave its line of sight it spins around and attacks you.

It needs to be nerfed, or at the very least have to reload.

Instead of buffing and fixing torb they’ll probably nerf his whole kit by 20% just like they did to Symmetra last winter. Blizzard logic.

This is a cool necro because the main thing that’s changed in seven months about Torb is people’s perception of him. (Although the Overload reduction was a nice change.) Nowadays we get the odd call for his turret to be nerfed.

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That’s the problem with Torb (and Symmetra). Not many people liked the idea of getting killed by a turret that is not even controlled by a player.

If I were to buff Torb I would buff any other aspect of his kit, but not the turret.

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