Make Torbjorn's Turret More Powerful

I first started playing torbjorn because i liked the idea of a turret that gets kills for you, but it is actually quite weak. It gets destroyed easily, and I realized that torb is now a character that is more focused on just doing damage with his gun like most other dps heroes rather than being more turret-focused like he used to before his rework. I’ve seen Youtube videos of old torb and the level 3 turret looks really cool I wish it still existed.
It would be great if Blizzard made torbjorn into a hero much more focused on his turret like he used to be, like maybe make the turret harder to kill, buff it’s hp or damage or something, or bring back turret levels.


They do have turret 2.0, balancing time between deploys for more damage, It’s called Bob.

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Haha but I’m talking about Torbjorn here


Turret is weak. It has very little damage, so I use it as flank detection sensor for the most part.

Turret should have 50% reduced deployment time and bring all 3 levels back:
1)Deploy at lvl 1 and 250hp
2)After 5 hits upgrades to lvl 2 and 250hp
3)After 10 more hits upgrades to lvl 3 and 250hp


I think they want his damage to be mainly in his gun, cause his turret used to be too strong at lower ranks, and pretty week at higher ranks.


The issue is they wanted hero’s to be roughtly balanced across all ranks.

Buffing turret would make Torb stronger at low ranks, which would be good if his win rate is bad at low ranks (it would be what they would do).

Lets go see.

He has the second highest win rate all the way up to Plat.

Needless to say, they will do nothing to buff him for low ranked play - which a Turret buff would do.

That would make it even weaker in higher ranks and even stronger in lower ones. I like the concept, but it would never fly.

But they could rework his turret so it becomes stronger in high ranks because at the moment it’s very weak and easy to kill, and somehow do it so it’s not too strong in the low ranks, maybe by nerfing rivet gun and making torbjorn a mainly turret-focused hero.
I think this would be awesome and add some uniqueness and fun playstyle to torbjorn like in the old days.

They have never made a hero which changes its power levels as it changes ranks.

They DID make it stronger at higher ranks, in that you can aim it, and low ranked people don’t do so deliberately.

Making Torb’s turret stronger would break Bronze,
Torb’s turret is garbage above Silver
It needs a rework;
Turret can change forms
1)15m max range, 80DPS
2)5m max range, 150DPS
3)40m range, 50DPS

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Who cares about lower tiers. Its not balance issues is what make people stuck in there.


It doesn’t mean their games should be garbage though. Balancing for OWL only would also be bad.

Not balancing for OWL, just making it so torbjorn’s turret is strong in both low and high ranks, but his rivet gun and other forms of dps is nerfed to balance him out.

The issue is that Turret is strong at low ranks, and the rivet gun is strong at high ranks.

HOW you balance him so he is equaly strong is by adjusting his turret down, and rivet up if he is too strong at low rank and not strong enough at high ones.

Or you make his turret stronger, and rivet weaker if he is weak at low rank, but strong at high ranks.

right now, he is strong at low ranks, so, if anything, they would weaken the turret again.

I’m sure Blizzard could rework his turret and playstyle in a way that makes his turret his primary focus but doesn’t make it too strong in ANY ranks.
Because the way he is now is just like any other boring dps: Shoot with your gun and get kills. I want the old torb where his turret was his firepower. It needs a rework, hp buff and damage buff and some sort of new feature (maybe bring back levels), and rivet gun needs nerfing. They would do this rework in such a way that his turret becomes a great part of overwatch without being op in any ranks and also not weak in any.

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I feel like old Torb could have easily worked in todays scenerio.

Ironically, he would have been amazing against dive since his buildable level 3 turret would stop most dive heroes from being super dominant, maybe even stop the creation of Brig.

I’d pay an arm and a leg to have beta Torbjorn back


The turret is a great anti-flank tool and does good chip damage if you put it on off angles behind team fights so the enemy has to choose to face you or the turret (both scenarios expose them).

For tracer/genji/sombra and even doomfist and phara to some degree, the turret is an obstacle that they will need to deal with before diving your back line, otherwise they may die while trying to get that pick.

My biggest issue with torb is that unless you sit next to your turret to hammer it, it will break, but if you just baby the turret, then you don’t get the most out of torbs kit. I am often 10k+ dmg with only 2 or 3k turret damage…if I were to just hit the turret I am now throwing and not helping my team.

If you could heal the turret by shooting it at a distance with the rivet gun, or if it auto healed out of combat, that would make his kit drastically better without increasing his overall damage or cooldowns. This shouldn’t break him at low levels and would make his turret more dynamic at higher levels.

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the turret is strong when nobody notices it but i dont mind it having a buff. maybe even during his ult, the turret becomes level 3 just for that brief duration since MC is viewed as easy to miss
or maybe like sym 2.0. torb has the choice of 2 ults, 1 being the turret and the other being molten core

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lol so basically


The other option is to change the turret into a temporary object and treat it more like a cooldown than a persistent damage source. If that happens then it needs to do more damage in a short time (5 seconds?), but still be killable, like a mini bob on a…10? 15? second cooldown?

This way it works the same at high levels and low levels. Instead of being ignored at low levels currently and destroyed at high levels.

(also LOL Nightstream…I didn’t consider the TF2 part of that…but OW is based off of TF2!)

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Whoa this is a really good idea and could be a major part of a rework. If his turret healed out of combat by itself it would mean that it could stay alive in places where i cant reach with my hammer. And if Blizzard does this I also think a base hp buff would be really good because it would mean the turret wouldn’t be able to be destroyed as soon as an enemy dps sees it, but keep the damage output the turret does the same so it doesn’t become too hard to kill with too much killing power. I think this would be great, here is my scenario for a possible option of turret rework, I just thought of it:

  1. Buff base turret health to 400
  2. Turret now has regenerating shields down to 100hp (like zenyatta’s regenerating shields)
  3. Instead of molten core being lava, make it a temporary turret buff that makes the turret go mega-powerful for a ten seconds or so and it does extra damage and gains 300 extra health.
    Otherwise normal damage output stays the same for the turret when not ulting.