Make smurfing in low elos reportable

as title says, if people smurf in low elos and especially are grouped up we should be able to report them for gameplay sabotage. Also all Groups in the group finder like “Smurf carry you, you heal me” “free Elo by Top 500 smurf” etc should be banable too.

Now to all those guys telling me “bla bla they have to get to their real rank first bla bla” -> If they are playing like Masters + they would NEVER reach gold / Plat Elo. We all do know they obviously drop to low elos or play really bad placement matches.
To all those “how can you proof its a smurf” guys -> Dont even lie to yourself… someone who plays a legit Genji in Gold and completly demolish the enemy team is a smurf, nothing more to discuss.

Smurfs are getting so much out of control now its just insane. To all the smurfs who plays in low elos: just GTFO and play on your rank.

Im really tired of this, what is the sense of “Competitive play” when you obviously play against people who should be in high Elos?

I know blizz, you dont actually give a F/$" about it, but i still wanted to create this post. didnt really play much OW and its getting more and more frustrating and Imbalanced. Fix your game finally.

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You probably don’t care about this information, but i’d like to let you know that most new accounts are automatically placed into Gold or Plat. No matter how well a person performed during placements.

A good example of this being Kabaji, a consistent top 500 player got a new account and was dumped into Plat after placement matches were completed. Didn’t throw. Didn’t under perform. The game just put him in plat.

The matchmaker likes to put people into Gold/Plat. It’s a fact of the game at this point. These smurfs you’re complaining about don’t want to be in your rank just as much as you don’t want them in your rank. If they’re clearly trying to win then they’re clearly trying to rank up. Reporting them for something they can’t control, such as placement, won’t help. It is not their fault.

If one of these smurfs is clearly boosting another player then you can realistically report them for Gameplay Sabotage and/or Cheating. Otherwise I’m afraid you can’t do much more than accept they’re in your game and try to get good.

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he just posted this one.

we used to be able to prove smurfs if they had a 0-70 W/L record on something like Reinhardt or Mercy, and a 70-2 W/L rate on whatever DPS they were stomping with that round

but thanks to private profiles, we can’t even confirm that any more

GG enabling smurfs

But the problem is, people won’t play normally or up to their true skill so they can place lower. That’s the problem.