Make quickplay great again

The amount of backfills I have to fill in is off the roof. It’s not even winable - with 1 min left how the hell am i going to win and we’re still down 1 more player ? You guys should make it that if a player leaves the game, the game should be forfeited after 30 seconds or less. Why let us play a losing game when I don’t even have to try and I know that the probability of losing the game is more than 70%. I love this game alot and I am this close to calling it quits.


The backfill system puts in players that have the highest capacity of turning matches around.

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Knowing them all they would do would be to close game, like it was happening in ffa in past, what that means is no one gets anything from the match, and that was highly unfair tbh. If you are winning, its not your fault someone left and game is closed, so you should get at least win from it.
Also sometimes you get backfilled to winning side from my experience.
What they should do, is option to pick if you wona backfill or not.

Then its not working right when it bakcfill me in and i just exist because im way worse than anyone there XD

You might be better than you think.

Also just going to add that backfilling should be endorsed with priority queue in my opinion.

Please note that there are certain rules to backfilling, for example. As long as you are not leaving games, you won’t be subjected to backfill as frequently. If you complete a backfill game, your next one should not be a backfill. On a side note, Game Director Jeff Kaplan recently addressed backfilling, why it is needed for casual game modes, and noted they are looking to improve the experience:

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I am not aware of any evidence that suggests this.


I’ve heard it many times, though you’re right that sources lack.

I’m sorry for spreading such information without correct source, this way it’ll only end up with more issues.

Yea, thats why i join game and before i get to the point team fight is over :joy: :sob:
But when im in fight, we losing usualy

Just understand, that there is still a logical matchmaking pair for the backfilled player to the teams currently in that game, but there is no evidence that the backfill player will have a MMR significantly higher or anything like that (not that we could track such factors as MMR for quick play and non-Competitive modes is not displayed in any capacity).


And not like this MMR anyway put you in games that are stomps a lot for one side or another… kind of boring tbh. But its causal, to bad one player that is way better can turn game around a lot. When you see mercy murdering reaper at close range with pistol you start to wonder what is even going on anymore.

There is evidence little boy

And where might that evidence be?


wanna know something neat? you don’t get backfill for comp. there is one other thing that could help, dont complain about the backfill system when there are leavers right there to compain about.

Can I go to your post history and see how many times you have said that?
I doubt that your two words change anything. I’d never understand your apparent need to say these 2 words together in the majority of your posts.