Make Moira healing through barriers a feature

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018:

Like how you did with Mercy Guardian Angel momentum, plesse She Needs it.
With this Nerf/Fix Mercy Will be even more dominant because She is the only Primary Healer that Can healing through barriers, and She don’t even have a resource bar. Moira Will suffer too much with this Nerf/Fix, She already suffer from barriers, if this go on live She Will suffer even more, She is already balanced, don’t ruin her please…
Make healing through barrier a feature For Moira


i used to be an ana main and moira is the hero that has me still playing this game… please don’t make it so mercy is the only viable main healer… moira is balanced. there’s no way the devs can put this “bug fix” through and not realize how much of a massive nerf this is to moira and buff for mercy. mercy is already dominant. please.


Moira is balanced. This is a HUGE nerf. She’s not very viable in Master/GM and will be trash now.


Yeah, She Will suffer too much if this Change go on live, and Will make Mercy more dominant. Blizzard should revert this Change


Even if the healing through barriers wasnt intended it turned out to fit moira´s gameplay and balance wise.


They could reduce the healing threw shields maybe, but even this would be a huge Nerf.

This will also be confusing to some players who are unaware, thinking “since Mercy’s beam can heal me through shields, then Moira’s can as well.” I don’t play Moira, but this is a silly “fix,” if Mercy’s beam doesn’t get blocked off, her spray shouldn’t either.

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Moira in live is perfectly balanced right now, i don’t think this is a solution because She doesn’t need anything, She is balanced. This Nerf/Fix wasn’t necessary and they should revert that