Make hog a viable tank

People are going to just play him anyway maybe make him have some value other than his hook.

Thoughts on making him unboopable and maybe a small aura where others close to him are also unboopable? This could restore his danger zone instead of him only being a feeder in his current state.

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Or just nerf his hook to make him useless

Would rather have the damage resistance aura at 15% always and increase to 30% for everyone else during take a breather. Remains 50% for himself.

Just put him on permaban through hero pools would be my preferred solution, failing that move him over to dps where he actually belongs.

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Rework him tbh.

He should be more of a tank, rather than a 600hps hobby dps.

Just my 2 cents tho.

I liked the 1-3-2 version of Hog. :frowning: