Make Hack require aim


I’m just gonna grab my popcorn and see how this convo goes…



The whole point of hack is to help slow down mobile characters like Genji, Tracer and Doomfist.

If you can’t hit them with it…it won’t be very useful on them


You’re funny. Really funny.


dude for real, can’t go into a game where someone starts crying because they died and what gets me its usually when we are winning and that one person who dies more than everyone crying about a character…we just wonder well the rest of us are fine. then you see 50 nerf threads every day…like omg


Lets not forget, if hack is a projectile skill shot, it means she can use it mid-fight without worry of being interrupted. Despite what people say, this is a massive buff suggestion for high mechanically skill players.

I have said it in the past, this is no difference than the complaint about Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow saying it has no aim, and to replace it with a more Aim-Based skill with the same fire power. We all know what happen there, Hanzo main even warn about how powerful Storm Arrow is in comparison.


No, no it would not.


Not everything has to require aim


Sleep not only prevents you from using every ability, like hack, it also has the additional effects of putting a giant marker above your head, removing your ability to move, and removing your ability to attack. It also cancels all the same ultimates as hack.

If nobody does anything else to the slept target, as in zero followup, they are completely removed from the match for its duration. No ult charge. No helping teammates. No repositioning to a better spot. No anything.


That would be worse in my opinion, as a D.Va player, I only need to look a Sombra to make her hack stop. Now imagine an unstoppable hack on a giant target like a tank.


Even for non mechanically gifted players, Sombras almost always land their initial damage because they have total control over when they try.

The way it works now you gotta consider whether you want to stand their channeling with the risk of interruption or get some free damage in. There’d be no choice needed if it was just a thing you shot out real quick.


Hack may be easy to aim, but after that hack Sombra is a pure aiming hero. No stuns, no slows, just her SMG.


Quick, McCree is hacked, everyone ignore him while he murders us with his left click!

lmao, this completely defeats the point of hack as an opening.


Now say that without being biased because you play Sombra the most


Lol. I may play Sombra most but I have also stated she needed an EMP nerf long before it got popular, called for Lucio to have changes to how hack interacts with his auras, and went against any Sombra main that advocated false information.

You can’t make a move that puts a target on someone’s back from short range and then make them unable to defend themselves. That’s obvious. Hack isn’t like sleep where the person doesn’t get to use their weapons or chase you.

Any move that allows your opponents to damage you must allow you to damage them in return. That’s just basic.

And you certainly can’t have a hero lack damage in exchange for utility, and then make it so that the utility can’t actually be capitalized on.

It’s nonsense. Hack is an opening. Sleep dart is an escape and comes on a hero with a hell of a lot more to offer than just sleep dart.


the world needs heroes that can shoot a hacking sombra -OR- heroes that can switch off if they are incapable of shooting a sombra -OR- heroes that dont whine at their counters …


There are many things to easy to execute, sombra isn’t alone, actually sombra has counter play…


THIS, I been saying this…


Get better??? I’ve never had a problem with Sombra. I have a problem with hack. No Sombra is going to get shot mid hack. That would be a Bad Sombra…You can hardly counter a Sombra player with sense.

Who the heck fails a hack as Sombra in her current form? lol



You seem to be playing against Forum Sombra, I see.