Make Bastion's Tank Mode his Secondary Ability

But decrease its damage to compensate. This way, he is now mobile and can transform in and out of tank mode depending on the situation he’s in

If u want an idea of how that’d look, he’d kind of play like the Destroyer class in the game Transformer Fall of Cybertron.

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then what would his ult be?

Something new

20 ch. required

I disagree. His current configuration allows for a lot of strategy. If you got a well-parked Bastion, especially with a Mercy taking care of him and teammates coordinating with him, you can mow down everything. I’ve seen it on my team, I’ve seen it on the opposing team.

It’s a strong character that involves team work. The others have to cover for him for it to work, and you won’t always have people who are willing to do that, or know how to do that.

Scrap tank mode cause it’s insanely bad. Give him a attack helicopter mode. Would be badass, and it would give bastion a chance to use his ult to reposition himself.

when Bastion goes sentry, his teammates should turn translucent.

Yiu know, I actually did a fully flesh out helicopter mode on the Bastion mega thread.

There are also suggestions for tank on E as well if you want more details.

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Or just have translucent teammates for everyone, in so many,games that happens and imo in ow would be even more useful

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This sounds so good it will never happen. Getting BF2 flashbacks just thinking about it.


Self nano boost.

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