Make a Pinging system to the game

A system where we could ping specific places would help so greatly in the competitive community, and would solve a lot of problems with people not being in voice chat. I was just in a game and I saw a Reinhardt hammer sticking through the wall going for a flank shatter, I spam call it out only to realize that I was alone in voice and they walked out and we lost the team fight, followed by the match, all because of lack of communication. Please think about adding this, it would help a lot.


while your intentions are good it ultimately wouldn’t help.
people would spam them to the point that they become meaningless, and legitimate pings wouldn’t be paid attention to

also, bad players gonna be bad regardless of how you try to “help” them, I’ve been on teams where everyone is in voice and have called out for example “reaper above, ready to drop down and ult” then two seconds later, what happens? everyone but me dies to reaper ult because I was the only one who knew to GTFO of there

They did try it, but couldn’t make it work…at least not yet.

Let them make a hero ability out from it. 1 new support who can choose which 1 from enemy team he sees through the walls constantly. 60s cooldown on changes.

In League of Legends, in world championship games, pings are used. Pings can tell something slightly complicated but but still simple enough for there to not be an overbearing variety of pings. Pings help communicate simple callouts to your team and it does it’s job far faster than saying that call out does. Though yes people are going to abuse the ping system, but there are very easy ways to vent this sort of issue. Such as being able to mute pings and having a cooldown on how many pings you can perform in a certain time window. I think the idea has a lot of potential.