Make a clear statement of support for LGBT posts


Why? Just STOP.

No, they wont do it. Sexuality isnt a universally agreed with theme. Culture, nationality, and language ARE, hence their fixation. This is the equivalent of saying “we need [insert political group here] representation” because someone has politics in their identity.

At the end of the day, if ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL identifies you outside of your actions and character, you are immature.


its obvious they want it to stop seeing that they are closing every thread about it, not saying they are anti lgbt, I’m saying they don’t want there to be an emphasis on peoples orientation.


literally seen people be like " i dont agree with homosexuality as a concept and think its bad" and watched the people that called them out get flagged and yelled it. its always so messy :pensive:


I think so long as the thread stays on topic and remains civil you can have a discussion about it. The chances of that happening are slim to none.


they have only been closing threads due to toxicity not due to the topics.


What is with the trend of topics about Lousy Grumpy Banana Tramplers lately?


Because this is a forum for talk about the game not about politics.


they ban people due to toxicity, they close threads due to it being too contreversal.


this is true but it goes out of control because these people are deluding themselves into thinking we arent allowed to talk about it on the forums, and are then flagging our posts and harassing us a clear statement and addition in the code of conduct would help.


Blue post fishing? Extra -ing for 20 char.


thats not what all the moderators that have closed threads have said they always state the reason for it being the toxicity


I agree. The issue is, no one is really trying to ‘force’ beliefs by making these topics. However, many see it that way, and that saddens me. What’s wrong with talking about a certain aspect of yourself? Surely this wouldn’t happen if someone said “We need more brunette heroes in the game!” - it would be dismissed as spam, or it would spark some discussion.

As soon as it comes to race, ability, gender, sexuality - no can do. Most people see topics discussing these and enter the thread expecting chaos (and they’re right.)

Most of these threads get closed for toxicity and it’s a damn shame. What happened to “if you don’t like it, click away.” ?

I wish people would understand that, and I wish we could understand each other and have civil conversations. But we’ve got a long way to go…


they have clarifications. insulting or demeaning someone based on race, orientation, body type etc, is all bannable.

disagreeing with a person on a topic about homosexuality, however, is not homophobia. People merly call it that because they want to try and make them seem like a bad person for disagreeing.


no mod has said that. provide me a link.


this thread just seems bad to me because you are demanding action.

If any action is taken it could split the forums even worse than not saying anything at all and just closing all threads due to toxicity which they all lead into.


To be fair, everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, and saying that blizzard should just shut down opposition is a little absurd.

I’m sure blizzard wants to create an environment that promotes civil discussion, which does mean that no matter what you post, you might face opposition or people who disagree with you. If they say that people cannot disagree with your views, then that is actively fighting against the nature of free speech.


Almost every LGBT thread that is related to Overwatch here is locked. It’s unfortunate that the community is punished for what is the fault of homophobes 99% of the time. Ironic…


disagreeing with a topic about LGBT issues is not homophobia

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I’m locking this thread as it’s spiraling in a negative direction.

Thank you.