Make a Bloody Decision Already!


I’d say you’re thinking is pretty realistic then and well thought out at this point.

You nailed it on the head. It’s either going to be the cost of heroes being released or maps and skins (and maybe events) going on halt.

I respect that you’re realistic and thought out knowing something would have to go (completely or at a way slower rate).


just make a 222 arcade mode … people who wanna play spawnsimulator with 5 dps picks can queue for qp as usual.


They’re professional developers, that obviously means that they have to predict every consequence of their actions instantly and are never allowed to make mistakes or take time to figure out what the best course of action is. /s


sorry they are too busy working on the SuPeR DuPeR MeGa GiGa SpEcIaL ToP SeCrIt PrOjEcT™ ® of theirs to care about making the game actually not shait. And I bet it will turn out to be something that’s just like the LFG feature-good at first sight but ultimately useless. mark my words


I agree with everything you said. Every hero needs to be playable on every map.

You should be able to make choices and have preferences and while yes there will always be stronger characters because that’s how video games work :
They should all be comparable in strenght.


This is impossible.

Some heroes are naturally more versatile than others, and others are very good at a specific thing (Bastion). Making “every hero work in 2-2-2” would homogenize heroes AND gameplay, and make designing new heroes pointless. This was attempted in HotS and that game is now dead.

We need MORE gameplay diversity, not less.


You don’t say?

…How embarrassing. :^)

You don’t even have the excuse of being a child to explain your over-the-top whining.


Why would they? They will start the game playing the exact role they want to play.


I can see the pros and the cons for both sides. Would having 2-2-2 as an option for comp, meaning you can sign up for that specifically when you queue for competitive (you’d also have the option to engage in competitive as it is already), work?


No it wouldn’t. The lack of an enforced comp makes balancing this game impossible. As long as you can stack roles, balancing will always be bad.

Gameplay is already very homogenized too, because they always have to consider stacking roles in balancing. This leads only to certain heroes being viable in the game and lots of heroes that barely get played.


Mei acts more as a tank than hog does.

That is the problem.


Well duh, that’s what this whole thread is about. The OP is complaining that they need to make a decision already. And they’re sick of hearing, “We’ve thought about this and this” and “This would take some time”.

We just want an actual answer, is role queue and an enforced comp going to happen or not? Just make a decision already and let everyone know and stop being so vague.


i dont think there are enough characters in the other roles to really diversify 2-2-2


You’re building up your own expectations and intentionally disappointing yourself. Why would you purposefully frustrate yourself this way, the devs have been up front communicating about what they’re doing but you’re here having a tantrum like you were promised something last Tuesday.

Patience and understanding. You can’t always get what you want when you want it and throwing a fit won’t make it come any faster.


Dont force 2-2-2 role queues.

We have too many hybrid classes at this point for this to be a good idea. And no, reworking those classes would be a terrible idea, especially with their track record of reworks. Mercy 2.0 almost wrecked the competitive scene and they’re still trying to figure out what to do with Sym.

Yeah, great, no more 4DPS comps, but what if the tanks and supports play like DPS instead of their respective classes as well?

And yes, GOATs would no longer be a thing. But, Double Sniper, a 2-2-2 comp, got almost as much hate.


The part that makes me sad is that we already have the capacity to role queue, it’s called LFG. I don’t believe GOATS should stop being a composition you have the options to play, it just shouldn’t be so dominant. We can’t afford less composition types if we want to avoid “stale” metas like the OP says, but I suppose nobody realizes what we’re gonna sacrifice for role queue just yet.


The simplest way to enforce 222 without rewriting the matchmaker and the que-mode is to delete all but two heroes per role, leaving six heroes in total. Added bonus is that balancing thereafter will be super easy.



Don’t have a role que time then.

If you can’t flex, don’t play comp.


They have.
They removed the defence hero’s, they changed Sym, Trob and Bastion to work on attack as well. When originally they wee meant for defence only.

That’s, pretty impossible task without enforcing roles.

This seems like a rather random comment that I don’t really understand. You just talked about how they should work on hero’s individually. And now you’re saying that shouldn’t do that?

What hero’s don’t work? I think it would be better if you explained that then saying such a unhelpfully comment like that.