[Main Thread] Rendering Device Lost - Older GPUs

The game crashes after some minutes… I tried to reinstall the drivers but still the same problems… In the italian forum I got no responses… Any idea? I have a gt 730 and cant get any solutions.


The GT 730 falls below the minimum requirements for Overwatch 2.

AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 series cards with 2GB and up are supported, along with GTX 660 and up.

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What? But i can easly do 75 fps… My 730 has 2 gb… I could play ow1 with no problem… And also with the beta I had no problem… You are telling me I can’t play a game that I paid anymore?


I have the same problem! And i’m playing with a ryzen 5 5600g, so idk what’s happening


We’ll need to wait for the staff to update the supported video cards support doc. Right now it’s still set for OW1.

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I am having the same issue with a AMD Ryzen 5 5600G. Is that card supported?

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Looking into this our system requirements page is up to date but our Overwatch 2 Supported Video Cards page is still out of date(currently being worked on).

So for now we would consider it supported. A rendering device lost error is Timeout detection and recovery (TDR) error. This occurs when the GPU does not respond to Windows on time or reports back an issue.

These issues are often different categories we break up for troubleshooting:

  • Driver issue
  • Overheating
  • Unstable overclocking or undervolting.
  • Unstable power delivery to the GPU from the power supply or motherboard.
  • Faulty hardware something wrong with the GPU itself.

My approach to a serious error like this is to do all of the following steps:

  1. Disable Windows startup programs to help quickly rule out a third-party software conflict following the steps Here. This can be from Overlays, overclocking software, or general direct software running in the background at the same time as the game. Instead of restarting the PC complete step 2 first:

  2. Run the latest Nvidia driver again, when you get to install options select: Custom(Advanced) → Next → checkmark: Perform a clean installation. Finish the installation and restart the PC. This step isn’t about updating the driver as much as making sure we troubleshoot the corruption of the driver and reset the driver settings.

  3. Once back into Windows right click on the desktop → Select: NVIDIA Control Panel → Help (Top right of the screen) → Select: Debug. Close the window. This step will ensure the GPU is running at factory settings and power usage.

For other users, if you utilize a third-party overclocking program make sure to revert the changes back to default and close the program or temporarily uninstall it.

  1. Start up the game, goto Menu → Options → Video → Enable Vsync.
  • Goto Graphics Quality change the Graphics Quality preset to low.

Retest. You can enable GPU temperatures within Overwatch at Menu → Options → Details → Show GPU Temperature → On. If you see the GPU going over 80c that is a sign of overheating you may reduce the FPS to 60 or 30FPS and follow our overheating article steps Here.

If issues continue we recommend consulting with the GPU manufacturer or opening up a chat with Nvidia support Here. As other sources of this error may require advanced troubleshooting beyond our scope of support.

Thank you.

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@Obsidian No AMD APU or Intel iGPUs are supported.


Please post a link from blizzard clearly stating that no iGPUs are supported.

When comparing my integrated GPU to the minimun video cards on the link you provided, it seems that my iGPU actually performs better than those, so that shouldn’t be an issue in terms of perforamnce.

It may be true that OW2 does not support iGPU, but I have not seen any concrete proof of that statement from Blizzard.

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I answered this here:

Additionally, Zuvykree is a Blizzard employee. They know what is and isn’t supported.

I’ve already done all of this… My gpu it’s stable at 50 ° when gaming… I have no oc and no problem with any other game. Already cleaned and reinstalled gpu driver and the problem persist.


Hello guys,

I’m running what I think is a high-end system with a 3080 Ti. After a short time, the game crashes and i receive the same error as the OP. I’ve been having crashing issues since launch, but this error message began appearing today.



Rendering Device lost is exactly what it sounds like. The game client has lost access to the GPU.

This can happen for a number of reasons.

If you are experiencing this on an older GPU that is still on the supported list but it is no longer receiving driver updates from the gpu maker. Then this is the thread to post in.

If you have an integrated APU/GPU those are not supported and are likely to suffer from this and other performance/stability issues. It does not mean your integrated GPU can’t work, just we do not support it. You are welcome to check around for community troubleshooting to try and get yourself up and running, we just do not have any specific support we can provide for an unsupported gpu.

If you have a newer dedicated/discrete mobile GPU and are experiencing this, it is unlikely related to this specific thread. In those cases the causes comes down to updating drivers, removing potential software conflicts from other programs and resetting options/scan-repairing the game client. If those steps do not help see if there are any other active threads for this issue on newer gpus and post in those. (Or create a new thread if there are none)

If you have an older GPU (typically geforce 700 series but some other older gpus may be experiencing issues as well) please reply back in this thread with the following:

OS version:
GPU Make/Model:
Current Driver Version:
Other details on the Rendering Device Lost Instances. (Frequency, During specific events/maps/team fights etc…) Any details on when where and how often are helpful.

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Hello i have the same issue,could run ow1 60 fps and stream it on discord and i havent overclocked my gpu, but ow2 i get this error at main menu or sometimes i can get in a game for a minute or 3 but it always ends up with this error.
OS: Windwos 10 20H2
GPU: Nvidia GT 730
Driver version:472.98


will that change in the future?

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Having the same issue never had issues with OW1 play GTA 5 the newest Madden all fine with no overheating no problems what so ever. I have reinstalled windows on my computer reset all my files updated drivers reset DIOS everything thats on the internet and no fixes have worked so far for me and a friend whose running on a very new system.


man RIP to us they don’t want to fix the problem becuase our gpu “is not supported” even if i can do 70 fps ez


Same gpu as you, i can sometimes get a whole game in if i dont let the temp go above 60 and reset all settings to default from the launcher. It sucks but ive gotta wait till christmas for a better GPU. maybe there will be a fix by then.

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So is this problem gonna be patched?
It’s clearly an issue with the game cuz i never experienced this in any other game.
If not, i’m just gonna delete the game and forget about it.


i am having the same problem, i never experienced crash on any other game but ow2 has problem. My friend is facing this error too.

please fix ur game i get 110 fps, still i face this error.