[Main Thread] Overwatch 2 crashes after a couple of minutes

My game will crash after reaching the character select screen or 30 seconds into a login queue (which I was able to get past). It seems to happen after 30 seconds to a minute no matter how far I get into the game, being a queue, arcade match, or main menu.

(I’m on latest nvidia drivers for 3060)

dxdiag: https://pastebin.com/raw/8eELYxW3


Same but my gpu is 3060 ti. Keeps on crashing with no error or messages.


Same here, instantly closes after 30s - a couple of minutes. No error or messages.

Updates drivers, reinstalled the game, scan and repaired, updated window, deleted cache files, everything.

No fix.


same, 3070ti, have everything updated


same thing is happening to me we need a fix


Same thing is happening to me. Barely make it to the hero selection before it crashes.


Ended up reinstalling windows, it seems to have fixed it. God knows what the actual problem is…


are you using regular windows 10 or a debloated version of it?

same here. waiting for queue but after a minute or two it’ll crash without warning.


windows 10 home, licensed

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Do you use a debloated version, cuz I use one and I think it is the problem

i’m having the same issue, how weird. maybe we need to wait for a fix?

Yes, my Windows has a lot of stuff removed. I’m not sure how this would be the cause since the first beta worked fine and it looks like other people have default installs of Windows 10

Same here, crashes with no error logs anywhere, have checked the entire event viewer as well as overwatch logs in documents, nothing seems to lead to the reason of the crash.

EDIT : Found a temporary fix, create a new user account for windows and play from that account.


yes, I use Kirby OS.

I can aswell confirm that a fresh install of windows 10 works.

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We all have a debloated version of windows?

from what i see on all the forum posts about this, not everyone has a debloated version of windows

This happens to me where my whole PC freezes up forcing me to hard restart my PC. I have a full version of Windows 10 Pro.

Motherboard: MSI z590 Godlike
Processor: Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-11900K @ 3.50GHz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
Video Card: NVIDIA 3080 TI
Ram: 32 GB
SSD: Samsung SSD 980 PRO 1TB
OS: Windows 10 Pro