[Main Thread] Missing cosmetics/store purchase

I’m also missing everything I earned in overwatch 1

I really do enjoy this game and have continued to purchase it for each console. Currently had origins edition for both ps4 and xbox, pc I had bought the standard edition. As with everyone else here i have noticed a good amount of my skins are missing including the origin edition skins. I do understand that it is a lot of data at hand and the integration for the account merge is complicated. So, I just hope that I can see my favorite skins back. It does seem like the account merge also didn’t account for which account is primary as I am seeing settings and equips from each account set up, but I am definitely missing quite a lot of cosmetics that I had grinded hours for over the years.

I lost only the money, but my girlfriend lost everything, including the lvl, but mantain the friends list

im missing my noire widowmaker skin and all of the origins edition skins from playstation, do anybody have this problem too?

Seriously, does anyone know what’s going on? I have a clip from 5 YEARS AGO proving I both played this game a ton and had the items to prove it. So where the hell are all my items? My accounts are merged, I know they are.

The game also knows I have the Origins Edition upgrade, because I have all that stuff. Strike Commander Morrison, et cetera.

If I don’t get my items, I’m just quitting this game again and never coming back.

Please read the big Update thread they posted.

In all cases, no player data has been wiped or lost. We have a client-side fix for this that cannot be deployed until next week, so we are exploring server-side fixes and will provide updates as more information becomes available.

You will want to read the whole thing, but the core take away is that you won’t lose anything.

I hope they’re not lying, Blizz have lied before. I played OW 1 the day it launched, up until like 2018 where I decided to quit for a while. Now that 2 is out and the PVE content I wanted is coming, I want to get back into the game, but I’m not doing that without my stuff.


They would not lie about it on purpose. If they can’t then it would be a massive data error and it would look terrible for them and feel terrible for all the customers. They don’t want that, I am sure. Hopefully when this is done you will get everything back.

Same here… all statistcs, data, all missing.

I also lost all of my cosmetics, I have paid for the 20$ legendaries, I had a bunch for doom fist and especially mei, I didn’t have any and now all I’ve gotten is the watch point skins and currency and the starter pack skin and currency but I don’t have a single over watch 1 skin that I unlocked or any of my stats, emotes, sprays, etc

same bro, have they fixed it to you already?

Im also missing all my skins and gold hammer for my reinhardt, I really want this bug fixed asap!

Is there an update yet to this yet? Like an estimate time of it being fixed? Or if y’all found the bug?

I’m missing the Poison Dart skin, too. I had it equipped in Overwatch, but when I started OW2 it was gone, and Lucio was set to the default skin. Same goes for the Hanzo Dark Wolf skin.

Lost all my skins on ps4/5 and been stuck in account merge hell queue since launch… I have everything unlocked in ow1… every event item… I earned all them and would like a update on when the account merge bug will be fixed

I am missing everything on PS4, even the skins I have payed for. Horrible, I am yet again disappointed by Blizzards incompetence.

I am also missing every cosmetic from the previous game along with golden weapons. Is there a way to fix this or do we just have to wait?

I am also missing my Playstation progress with hundreds of hours and all of the hard-earned skins I have collected over the years…

I merged with my Battle.net account on PC last week, but it has not carried over my progress in the end; I have a fresh new account on both platforms…

I am really hoping for a fast fix.

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Same here. My account is being considered as brand new even though I played OW for years and had tons of cosmetics, golden weapons and so on. Even have to unlock the characters.

same here im hoping they can fix it