[Main Thread] Missing cosmetics/store purchase

I am missing 100 if my cosmetics. User name Jonnyzerep and email is Daydreamer030691@hotmail.com

Lost everything. thinks im a brand new player hopefully this gets fixed.

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PS app shows me that I have nearly 49% of achievements earned (via OW1), but does not have anything when I open OW2.
How the …?

same here lost a couple of skins i had in overwatch 1. I hope they fix it soon

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Please update your post with this link to help others chiming in here:

Cosmetics aren’t gone. Nothing is gone. Read #announcements

Same problem here i’m missing some skins

Same boat lost all the my skins, weapons the whole nine. I know they say they are working this bug out but damn I’m not starting at zero to much time, money and energy was spent to get what I had. This need to be addressed and fast I’m not playing OW2 unless this gets sorted.


I’m missing most of my skins , levels and cosmetics, I also am missing my Doomfist golden gun. I want to play competitive with my friends but I don’t have the level requirements which will take ages to get. I don’t want to have to restart.

I’ve been playing this game since like 2017-18 and everything I earned is gone and the account merge thing just isn’t working

Same issue on both, account merge nothing and all my characters skins, golden weapons and everything earned for OW1 just not available and stuck on new player track.

I noticed when I checked my ps4 acc that I had lost feast, mystery gift, eternal rest from both the ps4 and pc acc I’m also missing something from bastion on pc and as I mentioned earlier I didn’t get the noire skin to my pc acc from my ps4 acc

Same here everything gone and account merge does nothing when pressed but hope it will be fixed soon.

Adding myself. Xbox, accounts connected before OW2 launch, missing everything except the Origins Edition cosmetics and stuck on the FTUE.


I noticed the Dark Wolf skin of Hanzo got removed from the game, I bought it before in Overwatch 1 and now its completely gone. Will it get added back to the game or do we get some sort of compensation for it getting removed?

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Same 6 years of cosmetics just gone I’ve tried completing the tutorial re logging back in my console and battle net account are connected to each other everything Except the founders and origins skins are gone

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All of my stuff is missing. Except the ones from the origin edition. No stuff No Playtime changed from ow1

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Same all my skins and everything have been locked. Even the heroes. My buddy said all his got unlock and got one of his skins back but weve been playing ow1 for years and all the work is just gone

As for now on my acc there is missing currency and probably some skins but i cant find out which one as I last play about month ago

They are working on the merging issue. Read #announcements pinned thread.