[Main thread] Login screen infinite loop

same issue here but no reply from the support despite of my request 3 days ago.
I was able to play 5 min at the start then i got disconnected and after i was not able to log into the game anymore.

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Same here… The worst launch ever… :upside_down_face:

Interesting… It looks like they were having this exact same issue back when the game was in beta and it got a blue post.

^^^^ was the marked solution in that thread


Interesting…. hope that’s not just them trying to sweep the problem away cause it only affects a minority of players. Just checked and still having the issue.

Same here… I had to create a new account just to be able to play with friends…

Update, there was this post half an hour ago:

While I’m not 100% sure LC-208 is the same error it’s our best bet at the moment with the “preventing login” mention, so HOPEFULLY after the downtime later today it should be fixed?

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fingers toes crossed

Feel you all. I’m stuck in the login screen to. :frowning:

Not only this Log in loop that i m having as well BUT anyone with an issue as well that after you close your game once, the game wont launch anymore? The process is active in Windows but the game just wont open anymore at all

my son and wife can connect, I can’t . same deal as y’all

I have the exact same issue. I like how folks who paid for OW1 now cannot login. Typical Blizzard Clown moment

LOL, same issue here.
Installed the game, logged in with no issues.
A notification told me I should merge my PSN account with Steam and I needed to restart the game for that.

Did that…and never was able to log in again :rofl:
It just keeps asking for my login/password

So I got in the game by manually allowing the launcher through FW.

However when logged in, no heros unlocked regardless of previously owning OW1 quality

Hopefully it will be fixed. A little worried because I don’t think anyone with this issue is getting an error code. Again though, hopefully that’ll fix it.

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Well, looks like the maintenance time came and went. Still unable to log in : /

Yeahhh they’re being really weird about it, it’s been delayed 3 times now, and I’ve noticed the Battle.Net app gives a more accurate time, guessing they update that first.

ATM it’s due to start under an hour from now but I’m not going to be too hopeful

Yeah, that’s what I was just looking in to. My launcher still says it should have ended 42 min ago.

The Battle.net app now says another hour later for me than what I initially said so I’m just gonna ignore it for the rest of the day.

Pretty shocking at this point but at least they can’t delay it forever

Nevermind, it’s begun now, so praying that it’s improved later though I wouldn’t get your hopes up cause we aren’t even sure if the LC-208 error is the same as this.

Just tried now, didn’t work. BUT apparently it didn’t fix the LC-208 error either.

I need to know how much longer is this going to take because this is getting comical. I think we’d all appreciate answers at this point, and frankly they should really delay the battle pass’ end date by a few days/week.

Do we just need to wait and give it time, and how much time? Is the problem actually a result of the issues with the player database? Is it the same issue as shown in the video below? Are they even aware of this specific issue to begin with?
Any answer from a developer would be appreciated because the posts so far are way too vague.

In the rare chance a developer is reading this, here’s a youtube video of the issue that I’ve managed to find, I may as well share this for clarity on what the issue is.