[Main Thread] Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

Still no fix without commands?

Nope, no update today either

did the maintenance fix it for anyone?

the one from friday? Nope

An update for those of you who care, I was able to fix my ow crashing issue by resetting windows without having to do any fps caps or argument lines. I’m not sure if that’s of any help but, I’m no longer crashing


this one was yesterday (for me)

Still didn’t solve anything for me :frowning:

Oh no, chances are that one was just to fix the log in error they somehow readded in last patch

For those who have tried everything possible with windows, You can still go down this route [OW2 Crashing Alternative Fix] OW2 On Linux Guide Video

Currently i’m still enjoying a nice long session without issue, max graphics (epic setting) while streaming it (no issues except queue for some modes/rank) - Flawless vs windows crashing every 2.5 minutes

Even put basic instructions in another thread if people are keen/know what they are doing or have a spare hard drive to use (that way you wont break windows)

Showcasisng Linux playing OW2 at epic settings while streaming n other software/loving it atm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWCwsaXzBm0&ab_channel=Angry84 ( 4 hours so far)

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was it just cmd windows repair?

Thats great I hope it continues for you.

yo I am a mercy, lucio, rein, sigma, winston as my mains

as mercy in the ow2 trailer say
“lets get you back in the fight”

keep the thread posted
on what command line argument you used. IF ANY

if you you running a 2c 4t 8gb system and still having problems

if so i advise shutting down your discord webbrowsers steam epic game stoes etc etc, your ow2 taxes 8gb systems.

then try this below, take the <3.5gb thing seriously

for 12 and 16gb users make sure you have about 4.5-5gb freespace with all your junk open.

I am all for welcoming peep to the relevant forum areas

But your running a ryzen zen2 steam deck. I can’t help but think hanging around this specific forum thread is a bit wasted for you.
Steamdeck certainly got its fanboi momvent going I a quick google of steamdeck ow2 there videos of folk with it.

so what i am saying is there must be a place in the internet for you guys I STRONGLY SUGGESTS searching the stream forums for steamdeck OW2 i cannot imagine there are no user groups there. then i suggest ow2 forum steamdeck search.

I havent seen anybody but you on this thread with a deck. and the linux bois who i have no problem being here co they are running intels but full fat linux systems are probably the guys to most help you out but they dont run ryzen…

I hope you find a some groups to help you out get it working then write your own forum topic right here on the technical forums about how you solved the steadeck problem and what the problem was.

SteamOS/SteamDeck is just Debian Linux
and i’m a ryzen 9 with a 5700xt 8gb nitro & 32gb

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great see some linux help already try searching Debian Linux OW2.

I thought it was beskoke mod version though optimed for steam deck

I linked above a thread to help, but i can find another shortly i put basic instructions with

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OW2 Crash"Application encountered and unexpected error" - #6 by Lake-11294 is the specific post.

Combine that with the other a few posts above or yell out as would love to see some people try the linux route / confirm working on larger group (use caution/spare harddrive as i always suggest)

Sorry for quick reply/edits as doing between rounds while on the the above video/stream

you know what I have a old not used 250gb ssd i could swap on my itx.

you might convince me to setup a linux on that as i see the comment about swapping the drive for windows out.

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Take it slow, use google. n take notes , its 2022 = give linux love

  • Remove all drives except for the new linux one = incase you have storage / can not select the wrong one (at least for testing)


what’s the easiest build to install that kinda does auto driver pulls and stuff, I saw a LTT youtube challange i think earlier this year on gaming on linux but they both used diffrent versions? and that appeared to be a real challenge.

and what’s the easiest to to get ow2 running?

EDIT for post below so not creating a new post
wow i don’t know if i have time for this till after the new year as a project.

unix.stackexchange. com/questions/104879/free-or-non-free-what-is-the-question

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iso i used debian-live-11.5.0-amd64-kde+nonfree (includes drivers)

  • you want non-free if using debian (or based such as ubuntu)
  • i use debaian because its the base of many distros with changes
  • popOs comes to mind (never used, i just installed a gaming kernel linux on debian)
  • apart from GPU / amd drivers (easy find), did not need drivers with the non-free (popos is similar i believe)

start with the base drivers as they are good/ upddate only whats needed
edit: unix.stackexchange. com is your best source vs forums