[Main Thread] Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

Yeah that’s the problem we have. Game freeze frames. There’s a command a bit higher on the thread that works for people that stops crashes but does lower preformance. Maybe that’ll work for you. It’s a bandaid fix but least you can play till real fix happens

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try this command --tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 -thread 2

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When will this problem be fix?? I relly want to play the game but it keeps freezing and i need to restart the laptop every match.

control windows d to make new desktop, control windows left or right arrow to swap to it, then if needed control alt delete and open task manager from there. Should force it open in the new desktop you made so you can close overwatch from there

CPU: Intel Core i3-4150 @3.5 GHz 2 Cores 4 threads
RAM: 12GB (8+4) DDR-3 1600MHz
MoBo: DELL 02YRK5 - Inspiron 3647
BIOS Ver. A03 (Latest)
Chipset: Intel H81 PCH
Graphics: NVidia GT-1030 2GB GDDR-5 (Main) + Intel Graphics 4400 (Used for QSV capture encoding)
Storage: 500GB SSD + 1TB HDD (OS and Game installed in SSD)
OS: Windows 11 21H2 (22000.1042)
DxDiag: Pastebin link

Disabling hyperthreading looks me nonsense, reduce all system performance (including resources to run the game) just to mitigate an bug is out of question.

they still working on it Overwatch 2 Status Update - October 7, 2022

Tried the command line thing and didn’t work for me.

Either they fix it or i won’t play the game, which is sad because i actually like it a lot, but i won’t waste my time trying more stuff to fix their problem.

Let’s all hope they can make it work soon

I can’t even complete 1 game without it freezing and crashing. I’ve updated everything and even lowered everything it has told me. I’ve been experiencing this since the game launched. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game countless times and the issue still isn’t fixed.

Please fix this issue so I can actually enjoy the game.

i was using 2, but i just saw a comment saying that with 4 really there’s no drops. i’ll give it a try now!

edit: yup, worked like a charm! played only one match, first half capped on 59 and the second half capped on 120. didn’t freeze and i didn’t get any fps drops on big fights, or anything. i should test a little bit more to see if it really doesn’t freeze when i dont cap my fps on 59, but so far so good :slight_smile: thank you!!

did you type it with two hyphens? also some people are needing to cap their fps on 59 for it also to work, and turning off dynamic render. i hope it helps you!

Thanks for the tip, i appreciate it but i tried almost everything in this thread. At this point it’s on Blizzard.

i’m sorry to hear that :frowning: hopefully they’ll fix it soon, they’re already aware of the issue, so maybe on the next few days we get a fix from them

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Friend had this issue and putting “--tank_WorkerThreadCount 2” to the launch parameters helped (-thread 2 as well, but pretty sure its fugazi option). Also “2” is your CPU core amount!

fyi, launch options are in battle net → game settings → launch arguments checkbox

edit: dynamic resolution has to be disabled!

Ok so I’m back, after trying this command
–tank_WorkerThreadCount 4 -tank_WorkerThreadCount 4
my game stopped crashing, I’ve been playing for a few hours and I’m hopping it stays this way
My settings are all on low and I limited fps to 58
Hope this helps you and someone else on this thread, but we still need a better solution rather than typing random commands

Wait, you typed the command twice?

And double-hyphen both times, or?

I tried typing it in once; didn’t work

Yes, someone suggested using that command a few posts above so I tried it, double hyphen only on the first one

Hi guys, I’ll detail here what worked for me.
I use this command as a base ( 2 ifens at the beginning)

–tank_WorkerThreadCount 2-thread 2
and it works very well, but I had a loss of fps, so I opened my task manager and went to see how many cores and logic processors I have “threds” (2 and 4 respectively) so I edited the command to be exactly what I have, what would be like this:
–tank_WorkerThreadCount 2-thread 4
and amazingly, I’m playing all day without freezing, and using exactly what my pc has and in whatever configuration I want on or off.
Hope it helps someone.
( 2 ifens at the beginning of the command)


Worked fine for me

Core I3 4150 (2 Cores 4 Threads)

Your parameter --tank_WorkerThreadCount 4 -tank_WorkerThreadCount 4 + Limit framerate do 58 fps

Thank You!


Please Blizzard, i tried EVERYTHING to play the game, i’m with around 90-100 FPS, but still, the game freezes and stop working after 2 matches MAX, fix this please, we just want to play the game…
I have the minimum requirements, i3 3240 3.40 GHz (2 cores, 4 threads).

Ye this is kind weird.
For me it seems super random sometimes i can play like tons of matches in a row without freezing and other times it will freeze after a couple.
I also spectate 2 hour blocks in scrims and i haven’t gotten a freeze while spectating still (could just be luck but dunno)
Also dont remember ever freezing in OPR version before release (im contenders coach, but was just spectating there so ye)