[Main Thread] Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

did the update did anything?

there was no update.

fun fact low res low setting 720p all low no aa
same ram usage and same freezes

mine has one, try restarting your battle net

nope no update for me

Miscellaneous Client Crashes/Black Screen Issues
We have gathered reports around crashes happening in a few different scenarios here and there. We will continue to work on fixes for these issues, and hope to deploy them in updates coming as soon as today.

The fix is promised for today!


Sadly that was on the 7th and in theory we already just had our update and no dice. Unless they mean some other one.

nope tried after 80 mb update same freeze issue happens :v:


Very irritating, it would be nice if an admin would reply in this thread to give us a glimpse of hope, I haven’t played ow2 for more than 5 minuets without it crashing.


been on the range for 5 minutes, no freezes yet except for the first boot after the update, will update you guys if mine froze again

I did recieve an update and put in the –tank_WorkerThreadCount 2. However my computer wanted to restart, so I’ll have to setcustom frames to 59 tomorrow after work and hope for the best.

well I jinxed it lol, guess the patch didn’t fixed this issue
my patience is on thin ice now

if your game version ends with 172 this update was launched before maintenance, so it shouldn’t be the one that fixes crashing

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Hi! ¿Any notice? I just wake up right now

I have used these settings and my game didnt freeze first match! I will keep playing and see if it freezes, but im extremly happy i could play again, thank you soo much Hishimiro! I’ll update the reply as I go!
Ps: the game also updated for me but i dont know if it is fixed from their update (i doubt)

There was a maintenance but didn’t see any update yet, might be unnecessary if the issue is server-side.

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Command lines arguments in OW2 game parameters inside client.

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Take a look at this.

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ok so I’ll update on my situation a little bit here. My pc is an i3 dual core and constantly froze, sometimes even in the menu, despite having a good framerate and no issues otherwise. It was so frustrating.
Luckily I have access to a family member’s pc, which has 6 cores, and I am no longer dealing with freezing. I just wanna be able to play on my own pc, guess I’ll have to upgrade my cpu… I’m surprised this issue was not addressed in the master post update today.

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Work’s for you?
I gonna try.

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