[Main Thread] Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

If it helps someone, but I don’t know

  1. Set 59 FPS maximum
  2. FullScreen
  3. Disable Dynamic render scale

At the expense of --tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 and -thread 2 commands, don’t know how much they help, but just in case I prescribed

played 9 skating rinks without freezes


PC Config:

16gb RAM

[UPDATE] → USE COMMAND IN STARTUP GAME --tank_WorkerThreadCount 4


That’s nice, but the 10th match freeze/crashed?

can you send a shot of the commands screen? i am still unsure about how the inputs must be done (quotes? no quotes? same line?)


same here, just freezing, no black screen, have to restart pc 'cause i can’t close the game

Update in “Known Issues”.

"We’ve gathered reports around crashes happening in a few different scenarios here and there. We will continue to work on fixes for these issues, and hope to deploy them in coming updates."



Use Win+tab, create new desktop, open Task Manager and close the game
put the task manager on top of all windows

i have probably 20+ hours already on the training range fidgeting with cpu usage and game settings triying to find a workaround.failed to cross 5 minutes with no crashes in 95% of the times. ill be testing with this settings and let y’all know in 60 minutes.

thanks, i’ll give it a try later

maintenence in 3 hours

I hope they fix this problem now

glad they are aware but I wouldn’t get my hopes up it’ll be fixed this downtime unless some other fix ends up resolving our issue too

there is nothing about maintenance work we now have the 08.10

tried this, doesn’t work :frowning: crashed on training range

and even if i think they’re just starting to work on it i don’t think they’ll have a fix for it in a few hours

can’t, that’s the funny thing, can’t see any other window other than ow2

I’m playing like 6 games in a row without freezing.

Whith this arguments: –tank_WorkerThreadCount 4 -d3d11


  • i3 7100
  • GTX 1050
  • 12GB RAM
  • Windows 11

I don’t even know what to say, but everything seems to be working for me so far… I hope the developers will fix the problem soon( :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face:

They don’t solve it yesterday in 2 maintenance i don’t have hope on this one.
Yes, im so negative xd


But this card series is listed on your supported page: Overwatch 2 Supported Video Cards - Blizzard Support

Very confused. It’s not that old of a card