[Main Thread] EU Servers - high latency

180+ ping on both CDG and AMS

should normally be 25-30 for me. Nearly everyone seems to be affected…

Any reason?


Experiencing same issue
London, UK

Pretty much everyone I play with in the UK and a lot in mainland EU are having the same problem.

Advice going round some of the big discords is to play NA (lower ping) or just don’t play at all.

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its 200 for me in uk but people i know in sweden and germany dont have this issue

Same for me in London/UK. As a result every match (Arcade/QP) starts on the middle east server (mes1 with crappy 150ms latency) so I stopped playing. I should be on ams1 with 25-27ms latency. The practice range is on cdg1 (as usual) but the latency is 200ms instead of the expected 40-50ms.

I ran a traceroute to cdg1 and the latency is introduced between the London Internet Exchange and an Amsterdam server that seems to be Blizzard’s.

Yes having same issue. 125 ms. When will this get fixed?

Same issue here in Hungary. At least i know its not on my end

Same here from the UK and its unplayable! hope this gets fixed soon until then im not playing!

Same from Spain.

Are we being connected to the middle east server?

I have the same issue in Hungary. 150 ms instead of 50-60.

I thought that. But when I checked I was on CDG and AMS… which are the 2 “normal” EU servers.

Oh thank god it’s not just me then. Am on AMS1 (I think that’s its name), went from 20-25ms to stable 120-140ms as of today.

I have just gone back on. In training range and my ping is a stead 219… on CDG1 (which is paris).

Similar has happened before when a CoD release came out, but it was a couple of hours and sorted… This has been all day for a WoW thing… seems daft to me.

Thought it was just me.
Same problems here. :+1:

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I’ve just gone NA and its 144 for me… So I will just play a few games there.

Problem is people have mentioned this to them on Twitter… they very quickly replied and asked for more details, as soon as they were given the details, complete silence.

They are happy to communicate to tell someone they aren’t good enough…

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They probably put me on the middle east server because I get lower latency there (150ms) than in amsterdam (170ms instead of the usual 25) or paris (200ms instead of 40-50).

You will still be on Paris or Amsterdam though. Press Ctrl+Shift+N to check.

I used Ctrl+Shift+N and I was always on mes1 in QP and Arcade. If I create a custom game that’s also on mes1.

My ms has been really good, around 30 - 40ms, i logged on today to find it at 140-180 ms, and there is no way im going into comp like this so please help :smiley:

In order to assist you, make sure your post includes the required connection test. :slight_smile:
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