[Main Thread] Error purchasing Premium Battle Pass

I have a similar situation where I heard if you have overwatch 1 already, you’ll have the battle pass premium. I don’t have the premium pass and I’ve had overwatch 1 for years. If possible please

mine is also doing the same. bought the premium, got the bp but not the levels unlocked. im level 23 on the after action reports but not the rewards.

bought this battlepass on the 27th of Sept i know i definitely know i bought it cuz when i go into my transaction history on PlayStation i see it there but in game i have nothing

I brought the watchpoint bacm yesterday so i can get the d.va skin at the beginning but i didn’t get any of the rewards.

I’m not even showing the option in game to upgrade to the premium pass. It’s not gray or anything, just completely gone.


Purchased 1000 coins using the Xbox store. Received a receipt from Microsoft. The three separate times I’ve made it past the queue that didn’t error out my coins do not show up in Overwatch 2 to purchase the premium Battle Pass.


Owning OW1 does not give you a battle pass.


Same thing happened to me

Update: It took me 5 mins lol

Just happened to me too. Now praying that waiting 15 mins like some reply would help :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have watchpoint pack with doom and sombra skins, but i dont have cree, soldm bp and 2000 coins

I bought the premium pass with 20 tier skip with 2200 coins - the coins were taken but I did not receive what I bought :frowning: Sad because the buying menu looked so easy to use - is there a delay?

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same battle pass problem on my acc…
bought it yesterday about 9PM (CET) and next 11AM its the same issue, havnt received any battle pass :frowning:

oh wait, now after 5mins it works xDDDDD

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I can’t purchase anything with my old OW1 coins why and also I don’t have the option to purchase the battel pass may you pleases help me.

Also prebought off Microsoft store, and I haven’t received anything after a day


I can’t even buy Coins. It doesn’t let me type in anything when I am trying to select a payment method…

Ye I bought $10 worth of coins for the battle pass and I’m every time I log in they’re not in my game. Can y’all fix that? I’ve only seen issues with watchpoint stuff but I didn’t get it I just bought the 1000 premium coins so


I have bought the 1000 coins and tried to buy the battle pass it keeps saying there is an error while purchasing the pass after this i have still kept my coins but the pass costs 0


Players who are coming over from Overwatch 1 will not need to buy the premium Battle Pass to gain instant access… soo??

Hello i have bought watchpoint pack but i get nothing