[Main Thread] Can't merge console account

PS5 owner here who bought Overwatch on PS4 day one. Nothing carried over except two skins acknowledging I bought the original game.

Incredibly disappointing and will stop me from purchasing or playing any blizzard/Activision games until fixed with acknowledgement

Same here but on PS4, I opened overwatch 2 on my console and none of my tings carried over

Yeah none of my stuff on Xbox carried over. Luckily I just unlocked Roadhog though

Same like I had so many skins and emotes and everything now it’s a empty profile and my account is auto linked so I don’t know why I am not getting my overwatch one stuff

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Like everyone else here, I am having the same issue. I’m on xbox, and when i loaded up it asked me to link my battle.net account I did. However, none of my skins from the forst game were transferred. I really hope they fix this.

Staff has fully addressed this now:


Same for me the only skins i have is the ones where i played for a bit on pc, for genji

Read the announcement linked above.

Same here, almost 400 hours of playtime on xbox but none of it transferred over on overwatch 2, worst part is all the gameplay data from overwatch 1 seems to just already be logged on overwatch 2

So im slightly confused, on the original OW on console i was literally never prompted to make a battlenet account, only on the computer version. Logged into OW2 with the forced battlenet account and nothing, I’m guessing because the PC account was pretty much never played. If i am reading it correctly this merge will bring over what i had from OW1 on my console account even without the whole battlenet thing?

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Same here. After waiting almost 2 hours to get in. I finally log in to what is being called the “fresh account glutch”. What the actual hell Blizard. I am going from PS5 to PS5. I know its the right account so i didnt accidentally link the wrong account. I triple checked everthing to make sure ita not me messing something up. If they dont fix this im out. Ill never touch OW again. Ive played OW1 since launch and am not starting from scratch. This whole launch has been beyond frustrating. Cant login, or wait houra, and not i have a fresh account. On top of all of that, i cant even play OW1. Lol


Have played since launch on Xbox - but have played a little while on pc. when prompted to login / merge accounts there was only 1 option to do so which was my xbox account. After merging said account - its been in queue for several days and it seems i only have my ow1 items from my pc account. I have spent $$$ on overwatch 1(xbox) and played roughly 1000 hours or more I’d really love to know if ill be getting my xbox account items. I won’t play overwatch 2 otherwise…

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I loaded up OW2 and I got the merge option and selected to merge my PS4 account into my battle net so I can get my skins and cosmetics but I didn’t get anything and it told me to restart so I did and it keeps saying I’m in a queue to merge my account.


I’m also having this same issue.

No matter how many times I close and restart my queue, when I load in it’s just telling me it’s in queue to be merged.


Where do you go to merge your account? I’m on the PS5 version and all of my PS4 content is gone.

I just get a button that says merge beta or something like that.

I had some of my cosmetics when originally logging into OW2, then I merged my accounts. After the merge is when I lost all of my content. My gameplay was on the Xbox One for years and I decided to merge with my Battle Net account which hardly has any cosmetics. If I had to take a guess, the merge used my battle.net PC account. I’m really hoping I can switch it to use my Xbox version since I have spent YEARS and PLENTY of money on the Xbox account.


When I logged in, it asked me to merge.
It asks you which account, to take a good look at it to make sure it’s the account you want, then it says it’ll be ready in a moment.
I selected my account, then on the far left hand side of the menu, at the bottom is the “account merge” button. It just says in queue.

I’ve closed and relaunched (and sat through that queue) about 4 times since, and it’s still there.
Make sure your accounts are linked through your profile I suppose in the mean time.


having the same issues. Trying to merge my old Xbox account to PC, PC says account merge IN QUEUE. Upon clicking, it says your accounts are being prepared for migration, when that screen is closed it then says You’re Ready For Migration! close the game now to begin the migration it will take approximately less than a minute. I’ve closed the game multiple times and sat through multiple 30000 people queues just the keep getting the same results. I had 4 years of game play on the Xbox account and would be devastated to lose it…

Anyone else having this issue?


A ton of people apparently, there’s quite a few topics about it, either no complete merge, full account wipes after merge, stuck in merge queue, etc.