[Main Thread] Account information missing

I’m glad that at the very least they addressed this situation but blaming us for not merging when they didn’t even try to get the information out to players is really disrespectful.
I just want to play the game, but only being able to play as ten heroes makes this game really boring.
Hope they solve this soon and not in a week like their post implies


I have the same exact account as before nothing different. I even had my phone number linked before anything and my account got wiped. I still have the same nick name and still have the same battle net friends added and my call of duty account has been linked to the same account as well.

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If I didn’t merge my account in overwatch 1, does that mean I lost all my progress in overwatch 2?

Just an update on mine. My merge option is now gone and i have relogged in. No change. Still missing all progress, items, and characters are still locked. Reopened my ticket as they marked it answered 15 hours ago with the same canned reply we all got.

Never have i ever wanted a refund from a purchase i made over a few years ago until now

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We have an update if folks have seen it. It appears that things are not lost, but it may take a bit to get them back.

Also the SMS phone thing has been removed for past players who purchased OW1. It is in that link.

Problems with Account Merge (Missing Player Items/Data)

Tl;dr: You have not lost any items or progress, though some players are logging in and seeing some/all elements missing from their collection.


Same like I have none of my skins nor my account level!

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No one’s account is truly wiped/deleted/lost. Please check the announcement forum for an update.


The weird part for me is my console account got wiped and replaced with my PC progress (which is nowhere near my Console progress and cosmetics) so I’m still hoping ill get my console progress and that my PC account that was originally linked to Battle.net didn’t just replace it completely. Also FYI I never/haven’t account merged yet.

Still not synced on Xbox. Linked my Battle and Xbox accounts 20 hours ago. Verified after waiting 25 minutes in a queue on the title screen. Wonderful

Same, i dont have the OW1 skins and i have to do the tutorial. Is very frustatting and i dont know if i fuse de acconts i will lose the chance to recover everything

Finally an official response acknowledging and detailing the problem.

Thank you Blizzard.

I’m in the same boat. 2400 hours played and nothing merged over. I only play on Xbox and my accounts have lays been linked to battlenet . Honestly the queues are expected but the account merge issue is unacceptable. Also my friends list on Xbox overwatch is jacked displaying names of other people on my friends list.


same it sucks to have all you progress gone but I hope we all can have back on what we lost


Does that mean i can safely play overwatch on this wiped beginner edition of my account without worrying about it overwriting the 2000s hours i had in overwatch 1 with tons of money invested in it


It means you likely did not merge your account. Did you read the announcement?

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I just spent like 20 mins crying I’ve been playing since symetra threw shields ! And now I get a new account with nothing in it a complete Joke ! :smiling_face_with_tear:


Had my account merged and phone number added before the ow2 update, account is like a new one in the two times I’ve signed in.

Can they get it back if someone did not see any anouncement ?

I’m the same. I’m so incredibly mad and honestly a little panicked. It kicked my anxiety into hard drive. I’m super scared that I really did just lose everything. Nearly 700 hours on Mercy alone, have all her skins (including paid), her golden gun. I really, mostly, just want her stuff… I paid 60 for the original game and another like… 30 for Mercy’s stuff. That’s money down the drain if this isn’t fixed, and so many hours of my life just gone.