Main healer balance


Been having these thoughts about tweaking the main healers to equalize their power more. Most of my thoughts are RE: Ana.

-Nano Boost burst heal from 300 to 150
-Biotic Grenade anti heal from -100% to -50%
-Biotic Rifle damage from 70 to 75


Well, for one, biotic grenade is just kind of a super loaded ability. -50% healing would still be very strong without being overwhelming. If your team presses the advantage they should still be able to far out-damage the enemy healers, but without making enemy healing completely nullified for 4 seconds.

Also, nano boost burst healing 300 HP just makes it insane on tanks. Should it nearly fully heal a DPS hero? Absolutely. Adding burst heal made it awesome. But giving a Tank 600 effective HP instantaneously in addition to the damage boost is kind of insane. I think it should be toned down a bit. 150 HP would still be a good clutch heal.

Lastly, adding a bit more damage to her rifle would reward good aim even more (a common desire of Ana players) and offer her better defenses against flankers (namely Tracer) by doing more damage to them. She’d be able to 2-tap a lone Tracer without recall.

-Beam tether no longer breaks upon casting Valkyrie
-Caduceus Blaster damage from 20 to 25 during Valkyrie

Anything RE: Mercy is controversial. Valkyrie is in a weird spot. A main healer can’t have a strong healing “defensive” ult, since that’s sort of an off-healer niche. Also, the chance for an ally to die from you pressing Q to activate Valk and do more healing is counter-intuitive and feels really bad. Also I’m not going to touch rez with a 10 foot pole.

Mercy’s pistol originally did more damage during Valk on the PTR. (I forget how much. 30?) This was scrapped because Valk was SUPER overloaded at 20s with 2 rezzes, jet-speed and all the sprinkles. With Valk seeing a lot of trimming, I think a stronger pistol would be fitting for further legitimizing using the pistol during Valk to try and pick off targets in hard-to-reach areas. It’s also a way to add more skill differentials among Mercy players. Being good at using the pistol should be a core skill for Mercy IMO. It’s part of her kit.

-Coalescence can now be cancelled by using Fade

Moira is another controversial topic on the forums. Lower ranked players want her nerfed because they feel she is too easy to use and wins duels far too easily with amazing escapes. High ranked players find her useless as she isn’t even really used in GOATS, which was her original sort of niche. Offering only healing and damage as utility makes it tough to balance her against the likes of Ana and Mercy, who provide fantastic utility. I’m not sure what she needs balance wise and I’m not going to just throw in suggestions for the hell of it.

One thing I do believe she could use is the ability to cancel her ult. It might help her out and adds some decision-making depth to her play.


I would prefer it to be just some percentage of health pool,
so that tank wouldn’t get punished so much.

For Moira I would move self-heal from M2 to M1. That way you can buff her in other area without lower rank suffering.


We’re in a meta focused so much on AoE healing, and people want the only thing that can stop it nerfed.


Turns out having the only anti-heal to exist in the game be on a main healer is a terrible choice.



Mercy: minor irrelevant buffs
Ana: across the board nerfs
Moira: smallest qol change for her ult.

Yknow Moira and Ana have very similar pickrates rn but your clear choice at which one needs the nerfs says a lot.


Are you going to ask for Lucio nerfs? He’s the only one with speedboost and you can’t play Goats without him.


Honestly? Sure, why not.

Nerf Amp it Up Speed Boost, cut some ult charge to compensate.

While we’re at it, Zen has basically been omnipresent for the last 10 seasons, and Discord could stand to be lowered to 20% (and Orbs buffed from 47 or w.e they’re at now to 50).

I think the idea that any character is “perfectly balanced” is laughable.


Only a nerf ?
Why ?
Personly , I see to her he need a small buff but with a nerf in the boost of speed


We need this. Please Blizzard! Listen to this and change it.


I dont see the fundamental idea behind changing Mercy ult in this way, she already does a great deal of dmg, but her healing/dmg increase output will always be significantly better and rightfully so. Why should Mercy be one of the only characters in the game to activate her ult without a window of opportunity of counterplay. Nearly every ult in the game has a pull out time, every single main healer has that and most off healer relevant ones as well.

I see it as a problem giving her the ability to always press Q, without thinking if her team can die meanwhile she is not healing for 1 sec etc. Just like most other characters have to.


Honestly some of the only changes i wanna see is, Movement speed of certain heroes looked at (Aka tanks and dps).

And for the love of good, make it so amp it up gives way less speed increase to tanks etc, than to smaller heroes. It is insane how fast tanks get with speed increase.


As a tank player, YES.
Ana is way too loaded thanks to her ability to both be the best healer for tanks and at the same time totally denying other healers abilities to participate in a tank meta with Anti. She should be more offensive with her 75 dmg and we should take some of the strength out of Nano and anti because for that sole reason, she is loaded 100% to tank metas, and sucks at everything else, while remaining fairly balanced.

Gotta shift some of that power out and put it somewhere else in her kit. Gaining 5 damage doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, you will notice it in a BIG way when it comes to being flanked. I’d say it’s a net even change, because I do think she is balanced fairly, but she is too much one way than evened out.


Oh dear god, it’s 50 health for the amount of time the tether breaks. If you can’t handle that pitiful healing output you are just trash at dealing damage and need to swap off. Just swap off and never play DPs again





not a good idea. that would be to take away the counter for her ultimate. if that would ever happen, she would become too strong when she used it. it would be the same as saying that reaper should be able to cancel his ult by using his wraith ability, completely nullifying any counter from snipers, CC etc.


They could do like restores say 50% of health or something along the lines of that.


I would honestly give moira a second or two longer on her fade cooldown


Cancelling Moira’s ult with fade would be huge. I like that idea.


The meta is focused on damage mitigation, not AOE healing. The three weakest healers are hard meta at high elos because Reinhardt’s Shield,’s DM, and Zarya’s bubble blocks all forms of damage, with Melee damage being the best at slipping through. Doomfist would be the best answer, but making Doomfist viable at the highest elos (with a historic focus on Winston, Dva, and Lucio, who don’t get overly hurt by him) turns him into a monster in general ladder (with a focus on Rein, Zarya, and Ana, aka Doomfist fodder). Doomfist was nerfed for this reason (in case people still argue that blizzard only balance at a pro level). This means Brig is the best damage dealer in the game, since she is the sole other hero with a focus on melee damage and CC. This is the reason why Brig is super popular in pro matches after being nerfed to mercy levels, Bridgitte is not the reason for GOATS, she’s the biggest benefactor OF GOATS.


Ana changes: Overall excellent. I’m glad people are starting to realize that Ana having both high healing and the only anti heal in the game is a problem. You maybe over did it with the ult nerf but I’m not entirely sure.

Mercy changes: These fix literally none of her problems.

Moira changes: Removing counterplay from Moira’s ult is not the way to go. Really, she should just be able to heal through barriers again.