"Made jump height consistent across hero roster"


What does this mean exactly? What are the implications of this? As in, does this change hero accessibility on certain places on certain maps?


I think it means big tanks like roadhog and orisa wont jump lower than someone like Tracer

idk when trying to speed from point 2 spawn of anubis i always struggled to make jumps w/ those big modeled heroes so I’m assuming they can do it with ease like every other hero now


Torb in live along with Orisa have always been heroes i’ve had a harder time jumping with


Yeah, the bigguns has worse jumping for no reason besides logic. Which is silly in a computer game.

Glad Hog will be able to jump on things now :stuck_out_tongue:


Jumping with Torb feels awful on live because there are just some ledges that feel to hard to get up on.


Did some rudimentary testing. Here are my findings.



Haven’t gotten to try it. REALLY hoping this doesn’t nerf Hammond’s wall jump


I have this impression this makes genji’s jumps way faster. Although, i can’t test if his jumps are actually shorter or not. It just feels that they’re less floaty. Did anyone verified the height of genji’s jumps please ?

If the height remains the same but the speed is boosted, it will make him harder to hit while jumping, kinda indirect buff. Otherwise, nerfy nerfy !


That was rll useful thank you :smiley: