Lucio's Speed Boost in Capture the Flag

I had my first few CTF matches, today. And over half of them were won with either the assist or the direct carrying of the flag by someone with a Lucio.

As EXTREMELY USEFUL as the character’s skill is in this particular type of match and as much as it lets the character shine, it also feels over-powered and borderline unfair. The character having such an ability, even while carrying the flag or just boosting someone who has the flag, ensures that one player will almost always be with a Lucio.

His ability should not effect himself, when he’s carrying flag or any other player who is carrying it. When he drops the flag and if his ability is still in effect, then it should apply, but the boost is a little too much for this type of match. Having him simply boost a whole team to get out and advance on the enemy FASTER, is already enough help. Having it apply whilst the flag is being carried is OP.

lucio can’t carry the flag while speed boosting himself. He can speed boost a Roadhog with no problems.

Don’t worry, speed boost is being nerfed next patch, so that Roadhog won’t run that fast.

I could’ve sworn a saw a Lucio drop the flag, by activating the ability, picked it back up and still got some boost left that made him return to their own flag faster. Might be mistaken, but I could’ve sworn he was affected by his own speed boost then. Someone just went around the issue of the flag being dropped by picking it back up and then using the remainder of the ability to move faster. But, then…wouldn’t they actually lose several seconds and distance by waiting for the bar to fill to pick the flag back up. I dunno.

Lol did you miss the year where he could wallride with it? literally had less than 2 minute games.

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This should help CTF games.

Still think speedboost should not work on flag carriers

Lucio is more of a must pick in CTF then god damn lucioball

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Meh. I checked that list, myself, yesterday. 10% decrees is not the answer, here. That won’t change a thing. The boost will still unbalance CTF.