Lucio PTR Changes (opinions/feedback)


Masters Lucio main here, with 300+ hours on him total. I just wanted to put out my two cents for each of the new PTR changes since that’s what all the cool kids are doing these days. Before I start, I want to state that I’m very happy with how Lucio is on live servers. I think he’s one of the more balanced heroes in game, as well as one of the most fun if you enjoy a supporting playstyle with aggressive potential and a high skill ceiling. With that out of the way, let’s begin:

Hard to be against this, since it just seems to be a quality of life change (henceforth called QoL). While wall-riding on one surface for any extended amount of time makes you a very noticeable and easy to hit target due the predictable path you’re taking after the initial height gain, this doesn’t seem to really affect the skill ceiling or skill floor of the hero. Looks good to me.

Was originally very against this, as it could mess up timing with “rollouts” (the act of getting from the spawn room to the point as fast as possible by chaining together multiple wall-rides) since it could slow down or completely take away your gained momentum. This effectively lowered Lucio’s skill-ceiling by making some rollouts impossible. However, with the recent hotfix requiring the jump key to held down to trigger the corner-ride, it looks to be in a usable state. My only recommended change to this would be to add it as a toggle ability in the hero options menu, like Lucio’s backwards wall-riding. This way, the possibility to mess up some wall-ride chains would be gone if some experienced Lucio players don’t want that corner-riding option.

I feel like it’s worth mentioning that some Lucio mains don’t like this change since we had to learn how to corner-climb and practice it ourselves, and now people are getting a sort of get-out-of-jail-free card. I don’t know if I agree with that sentiment, but I’ve seen it posted more than a couple times in Discord and on the Lucio subreddits.

Same as the first, where it’s hard to find anything that would make me against this, as it just seems like a nice QoL change. My only request would be to add the required distance you would need to jump in order to reattach to the wall in the patch notes. Please.

I want to start off by saying that this is blatantly a nerf to my main, so it will be hard to be anything but biased in my response. Lucio’s speed is his trademark attribute in the game, with experienced Lucios being able to chain together multiple wall-rides by “skimming” to reach incredible speeds, usually to contest the point into overtime long enough for his team to get there and turn the game around. It’s undoubtedly one of the most satisfying things that comes with the hero (for me at least). This is not terribly easy to do (as some might suggest), but it wasn’t the hardest either. It just required practice. Now, many of the more experienced Lucio mains have hundreds, or even over a thousand hours dedicated to practicing this hero and his different wall-riding techniques and optimized routes across different maps (we even have a subreddit and Discord server for its discussion). All of that practice, packed into muscle-memory, that’s going to go to waste with this speed nerf. I just can’t get behind the idea of all that work from so many people going down the drain. Even if it was a .5 speed buff instead of a nerf, it would mess up so many peoples’ muscle memory with the hero. To the Overwatch team, I strongly urge you to rethink this change. Please. I hardly ever post here, but this was something I felt strongly enough about to create this dry wall of text.

An unneeded buff, plain and simple. It almost seems like a “Hey, we’re sorry about the speed nerf thing, have this to make for it” scenario. I don’t think anyone has a problem with the current boop ability, despite it’s ammo requirement and cooldown factor. The change to remove one of the requirements makes sense I guess, but it just seems like they’re changing something that isn’t broken.

And that’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed my opinions and urge you to try out the new PTR version as well before stating yours. If you want to discuss anything I’ve said in this wall of text, feel free to do so below, as I want to see both sides of the story if possible. Stay golden.


I think the 2.5 -> 2.0 nerf was made because allowing you to skim/ride on the same wall more than once gives you more opportunities to stack the speed boosts. I think it’s fair.

Of course, I’d rather they scrap the wallriding changes entirely as the current live version is already amazingly well done, but I personally wouldn’t be upset if the PTR changes went through like this as of right now (still need to play with them a bit more though).


Yeah I’ve heard a lot of people mention this. However, going around a corner smoothly with these changes is faster, so I guess we can see it as allowing more possibilities with Lucio… maybe? Either way, it is a nice change, but I do think that it shouldn’t be as simple as “hold jump the whole time” to keep going around the same set of corners. It would be nice if you had to at least face within 90 degrees of the corner to go around it, which would also help with unintentionally going around the corner.


This has been my big sticking point. I’m finally at a point where I’d call myself proficient with skimming. On live servers, I feel like I can float. I’m still struggling on PTR because I just don’t have the speeds to reach what should be accessible surfaces. He’s better than he was yesterday afternoon, but still clunky, and it’s painful.

I want to slightly disagree with this. I always felt like Soundwave as a bit held back by both controls. I’d be constantly running into reload situations during firefights or cqc scenarios because a necessary boop killed my remaining ammo. Without having to worry about the ammo cost, I feel Lucio will have some appreciated leniency with the Amplifier.


I pretty much agree on everything.

I like the boop without ammocost, but if i could choose… i would take a boop that is capable of actually booping people down a cliff… doomfists uppercut is a better boop then boop.

Lucio could need 0.5 whateverspeed buffed instead of nerfed. i liked his speed.


Great point about how any change to the speed boost from wall, even if it was an increase, results in wasted practice time and muscle memory. We already went through this once with the change from lucio 2.0 to 3.0 (or is live 4.0? I’m not sure if the short lived slow terrible version counts as 3.0), where the multiple inputs “bug” we had all gotten used to was replaced with a single buffed speed bonus for wall leap. At least that change felt pretty similar, though certain rides had to be relearned because there was no longer the ability to vary the speed coming off the wall and some jumps benefited from being able to go a bit slower than the minimum current speed on live with speed boost on and a bit faster than the current speed on live with heals on, so we had to learn how to do those rides over now that certain specific speeds were impossible. There was a lot more carry over of muscle memory from “bugged lucio” to current live lucio than there will be with this change though, at least that’s my prediction. But even without the muscle memory loss, he’s just straight up easier to hit after first skim, and that’s huge in duels.


Personally I feel like he is perfect now. If Blizzard want Lucio’s wallride to be more accessible to newer/average players they have certainly succeeded. And the fix that came yesturday made it easier for veteran Lucio players to jump from wall to wall similar to how it was before. Even my own trickiest rollout was made possible again due too yesturdays fix, if not even easier to pull off.

Even though the speed is still not the same as it is on the live servers, the additional wallriding mechanics almost makes up for the speed nerf. The muscle memory veteran players have gained are almost unchanged and the new changes makes it easier for average players. I feel totally fine with the changes going live.


I’m glad most people agree with everything but the my dismissal of the boop buff. Don’t me wrong, I definitely think it’s a buff for Lucio and it would make my life easier, but I just don’t think he needs it.


Just waiting to see how many people cry at low tiers when he stalls their point until the whole team gets back just holding down space while their mechanical aim holds them back. :rofl:


Yeah right he will just get owned immediately by the enemy moira, even in bronze this will happen.


agree completely with everything you said

The way it messed up catching corners and the reduced speed was my biggest problem other than making lucio incredibly easy now


Does Billz tested it ???

I feel of the map all the time because of that
tell me if you didnt fell off the map at control point maps

they said they tested hanzo rework before ptr
did they tested lucio before ptr ???
its freaking unplayable


I honestly just don’t think any of these changes were necessary.

These are the only changes I think are good. Nobody asked for the others, as Lucio mains already knew how to go around corners and know how to path to avoid using the same wall repeatedly. You had to pick your jumps carefully and plan things out to an extent or you wouldn’t get anywhere. Now, that’s going to be a lot more forgiving, and it really didn’t need to change. I believe that if you want to learn a hero, you should have to put in the time to do so, and the corner change in particular is just meant to help out people who flex him, not Lucio mains. The movement speed nerf is especially irritating, as it was meant to compensate for “buffs” that don’t even help the people who main him. I’m also really happy with the live Lucio, and I don’t think he needs all of these changes, only the two quoted above.


Aren’t you the guy who goes around making thread after thread to get Moira nerfed and says things like “Say she’s OP and I’ll shut up”?


Yeah because you people should be honest about that cheesy character, its broken.
And a sloth playing as moira will be able to keep the beam on new luciso trying to have fun wall riding.


Lolol. She’s fine. Back on topic.


I know this is old now but I have a few comments anyway

Sunk cost is a bad argument against improving something. Its mostly just elitism and gatekeeping.

I also think this is a bigger deal than people are giving it credit for. Its a pretty awesome buff. That’s two boops before you need to reload.