Lucio oh's cereal: Will it include a free toy inside?

Loot Boost (Stim pack) coming up for sale soon on the overwatch store.

the same as a game of overwatch

filled with salt


Will they be available outside the US?


I can already imagine the black market prices for outside the US


That settles it, despite what the wife thinks I’m eating some Lucio ohs!

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You’ll just have to wait and see!


So basically it’s worthless.


Hmm, do Blizz employees get a box earlier than the rest of us?

Can we have something put in game for those of us you guys hate in other countries so we can benefit from the bonus loot boxes too?

Can you buy multiples? If not, can’t wait to get 4 duplicate stickers.

limit 30 per participant

Dammit they’re onto us

But will it be available in other regions like Europe and Asia?

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I think they’re vanilla-y apparently.

Pretty sure the cereal is US exclusive atm, they mentioned during blizzcon; I suspect that it’s due to food safety standards and nutritional labeling laws. Honestly considering reselling or trading for steamkeys overseas if it’s legal enough.

I’m sure they got (or will get) some early. A limited number of boxes were actually available at BlizzCon, but I didn’t manage to grab a voucher for them in time.

Are Lucio-Oh’s vegan? I can’t find ingredients anywhere

they taste like healing beets

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taco, No! bad Taco!!!

But I’m Australian…

I feel people overall would rather have an exclusive collectible item over a loot box boost.

The time/money it cost to buy the cereal, it would leave people better off just buying the loot boxes so there is nothing to gain here.

I take it the pop tarts poster give aways were not successful? ( there should have been a dva poster).