Lucio-Oh's cereal leaked?


There’s an image circulating around Instagram and other social media sites of a seemingly official Lucio-Oh’s novelty cereal box that comes with an in-game redeemable “Loot Boost” code (which looks suspiciously like the Kellogg’s Loot Box promo).

Is this real?


I can only hope…


Yeah, it’s real. If I’m not mistaken, the Loot Boost gives you 2 loot boxes upon level-up instead of 1, but I’m not sure how many levels it stays in effect.


I will probably buy it if it is and I hate Lucio-o-o-o-ohs because it should have just been called Luci-ohs. But yeah, even if it is nasty, I will force myself to consume it anyways because I am a slave to recognizable brands. :face_with_monocle:


Deja vu… :thinking: Could have sworn I heard this back when I was a child in '97.


I really hope so!

I stock the cereal aisle at the store I work in, so if it’s real I’m buying some as soon as it releases.


That would make more sense if his name were “Luci Ortiz” or something like that.


Why do I have the feeling this is going to be exclusive to america like always


It is. Ill probably never see it in normal german supermarkets that’s for sure.