Lucio meta INCOMING


I’'ve seen videos of Lucio’s doing rollouts compared to live. In most cases its either the same speed or slightly faster on PTR.

His skill ceiling will be fine.


SIR. SCUSE ME SIR. Do you happen to have those “new” newest patch notes for me to read?

Thanks, love you.

  1. Stay alive longer because you can wall ride easier and land on the same surface again.

  2. Have more ammo to fight and maybe clutch a kill

  3. Boop to keep flankers or the other enemy players away from you and your team

Lucio got buffed in all of those ways.

You can argue its small, but a smaller nerf removed S76 from in meta last year


??? Oasis is a control map. Those are the maps he excels in because it eventually forces team fights into a small space.

Anyway, I don’t see a new meta incoming. The utility of his wall ride comes from the ability to boost and climb, which ironically requires jumping off the wall.

The same people who can’t get into the headspace necessary to play Lucio still won’t be able to do it after the patch goes live, because auto-cornering is just a QoL change, not some rework.


All those reasons make his skill ceiling dramatically lower. Mei got good changes and she isn’t meta. Reaper got changes he isn’t meta. Same for Sombra. I doubt Lucio will be meta when these go live.


We’re rapidly reaching a state where most of the supports are balanced and viable, with Ana and Brigitte being the exceptions(and no, Mercy is fine, fix the other f tiers first). Anyway it’s a great time to be a support main.


I expect him in almost every game. Which tbh is gonna be better for my team than a dps moira


(20 characters lmao)


Pre season 9 aka when Sombra got buffed
“Sombra meta incoming?”

Idk about this one, though…


It makes his skill floor higher but his skill cieling stays the same, if not increases, because of the extra shots and the ability to land on the same surface


bronze players can now play exactly the same as GM Lucio’s… that doesn’t make him more skilled he’s not significantly easier. I’ll say he’s literally the easiest support. Or as easy as Brigitte is.


Then again, read my posts (smh I don’t know why I even type those)
Yes he is going to be easier to play
And yes he still has the same skill limit.


Remember towards the beginning of the game, when not having a Lúcio was basically a loss? I miss those days.


When existing was all Lucio needed to do and anyone could play him successfully? Good thing they’re over.


That’s fine if you think that. I don’t and liked it. He provided a lot of utility for his team.


He still provides utility. You just have to work harder at it.

In general, I’m kind of glad he’s not Genji levels of popular anyway. I get to instalock him 99 times out of 100.


His speed boost is something that made him meta. Now that dive might be dying, he’s probably gonna come back…for more seasons. :expressionless:


Thanks. Love you. <3<3


Only 1 map is based on a small space,
the other map is quite open with a Central tower.

The other map again is a massive space - where his AoE healing would only help along the edges. In the center he would be a sitting duck.


Harder? You mean, easier, right?