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Ah man, if custom Lucio tracks existed, for me it’d be trap and future bass music all the time.

I’m scared for the next ptr. Terrified even. Lucio is likely to get nerfed and knowing blizzard, they’ll gut him and ruin the character


When I started playing I couldn’t find any hero I “sync” with, until I tried Lucio. I’m proud to say he’s my first main and still my favourite, although I’ve been building up hours with other supports/tanks. Also, my account name is after an aggressive skate company.


I’m trying to stay positive on his future
A Dev spoke on a nerf post about him , saying that they don’t want to ruin the flow of the characters , so I’m staying confident .

Let’s hope for a good future

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So the new ptr

Actually brought buff to Lucio , well , kinda sorta
The change to knockback will finally make soundwave more consistent
And well the soundwave quality of change won’t change anything realistically
But at least , people will realize when you booped something into a ult

Oh and orisa and dva will get pushed normally now !

Ok, so, Lucio nerf in the newest iteration of PTR. Thoughts?

(Updated patch notes: PTR Hero Changes Update)

Personally, I’m ok with it. The speed getting nerfed is clearly meant to attempt to kill off goats once and for all. And, it’s not that bad of a change. I can live with this.

i guess that i can get used to that. I need to see how eskay adapts.

I just found out about the Lucio nerf and I came here to cry.

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I mean
It’s not that harsh ,it was to be expected
And they buffed wallride so …

Sad, but not too bad really. Plus the buffs are nice.
Now I just hope people don’t ask me to switch thinking he’s been “nerfed into the ground”.

“Play Mercy, play Moira, play Batista, anyone but Lucio!”

I’m fine with the changes, it means lucio himself will be even faster while wall riding, screw the team, i’m gonna be a reddit lucio, also that sym buff is delightful.

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Also they didn’t nerf hammer him, be glad he won’t be the next doomfist.

Nice to see the lounge making a return.

Ok for anyone thinking this will negatively impact your speed its the exact opposite.

The way this bonus movement speed works is that it gives you 20% of the current movement speed after each wall hop. The thing is that this stacks making your speed increase exponentially with the base of 1.2 (1.2^x).

But this increase is now 40% making it absolutely insane.

Just to compare after two wall hops you are currently on 144% speed but with these changes its 196% (given that you start without speedboost)
If you start with speed boost before the first jump these numbers are 187% on live servers and 235% with this change. (adjusted for the change of speed boost aura)

So yeah this is pretty big change

I don’t want to be mean but in the end it’s “Até mais!” and not “Ate mais!”

Yeah I noticed this. They basically buffed reddit lucio and nerfed support lucio. Idk how I feel about, but oh well

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Lots of new rollouts incoming.


Yep, that’ll be fun :wink:

bnetter watch out for eskay’s next video!

The wording is kind of confusing, but it doesnt appear that he is talking about the speedboost from leaving a wallride, but the speedboost from the wallride itself.

I started out as a D.Va main, then Moira and have landed on Lucio. He is by far my favorite hero! Looking forward to the new knockback mechanics in the upcoming patch!

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