Lucio is the most picked character in GM


And Ana and Rein also have pickrates close to him.
They are picked so much because they are just the perfect combo together. And they are really unique with one or more abilities.
Rein is the only main tank that is actually not sht or niche (Orisa).
Lucio is the only one with speed boost that helps Rein.
And Ana has anti heal and great burst heal, really good for Rein.


Bizarre example tbh.


can we please stop with picking out one single hero and their pickrate and draw conclusions from that?

why is lucio picked the most?

because he synergizes with everything that is currently meta, and since that’s more than 5 other heroes every other meta hero has a lower pickrate.

and synergies are what are really meta, not just one hero. lucio is a must pick because tanks are meta.

same as mercy was a must pick when snipers were meta


Leave the Brazilian Frog alone. Tired of seeing heroes being thrown to the gutter from this obnoxious community overall.


He was fine until we got a second hero that has another passive AoE heal without any sort of diminishing returns upon stacking it with Lucio’s


Nonono you got it all wrong.

Dva obviously needs more nerfs. :ok_hand:


Lucio goes in and out of metas not of his own volition, but because other characters either synergize with him or don’t from their own reworks. When Junkrat was king, Lucio was a throw pick because he couldn’t outheal and out-Barrier the amount of burst damage and RIP Tires going all over the place. Which, to me, is the sign of a balanced hero. The moment they introduce something or tweak some things that destroy GOATS, he’ll fall.


Something like would work yes, but it’s unlikely for them to implement it like that. Diminishing returns to AoE healing on the other hand is way more viable as a change. Making the target receive less healing for each AoE source affecting him.


If no one is op, everyone is :thinking:

Wait that’s not right…


It can be done. I think it’s a fallacy to think that the game cannot be balanced.

The problem balancing faces is that new abilities and additions are continuously being added. That makes manual balancing problematic at best — it’s a whack-a-mole if you do it that way.

What they should do is give every hero it’s own hidden SR, pole every hero regularly then auto adjust their stats to scale. If you do it that way then there’s no human involved and eventually heroes will more or less hang around the 50% average win-ratio overall.

Now it’ll be fair — especially when you consider millions play this game. That makes skewing a hero hard to do. Now if you find yourself on a winning streak you’ll know it’s you winning and not that the hero is OP.


Your response is wildly hyperbolic, but we’re on the OW forums so not surprised. Blizzard has painted themselves into a corner design wise with Brigitte / Lucio at the moment. Stacking two healing auras is a significantly better idea than other healing options. It’s why the meta has moved to two AOE healers and has stuck there regardless of the nerfs to Brigitte.

Moving the meta away from stacked healing will either require destroying both AOE healers kits or making them not work together synergistically. The second is a far better idea. It would also allow Blizzard to make other AOE healers in the future without having to worry about a GOATS redux happening.

At the same time it would allow more nuanced roles to develop for the Support category: main healers, aoe healers, utility supports.

Doing so would allow the developers space to actually buff Brigitte as a healer without making her combination with Lucio or other future AOE healers oppressive.


because goats starts with lucio

not because he is broken but its nearly impossible to play goats without him


Definitely could work. The problem with the game right now is stacking AOE healing is superior to any other plan for healing. Once you have Lucio / Brig locked in they best heroes to build around them are tanks and other short range heroes that will stay close hence GOATS. That won’t change unless Lucio and Brig’s kits are nuked.

It would be a better idea to not make them work together so synergistically either as you suggested with diminishing returns or not stacking as I suggested in my opinion.


can we stop trying to rework everything that we dont like?


Nah, his real issue is the inverse of Mercy 1.0’s issue. His power was all in his kit and none in his ult, whereas she has all of her power in her ult and no power in her kit. His ult is the longest charge in the game, and all it did is stall for 2 seconds, or if you were really good, stop a tyre.


Well he is one of the easiest heores to play and if you are really good on him he is a VERY VERY STRONG HERO.


Remember, we only have 3 secondary supports.
Brig has no def ult and is weak anyway.
That leaves 2 supports to fill the off-support role on (nearly) every team

While there are 18 charachters to fill either dps slot


You are the only person saying he has the ability to hard carry anything, dont know where you got this “everyone” thing from.

He doesnt even “soft carry”, he fits the current meta, and being #1 in one category and an average winrate within the 48-52% acceptable window, there is just a problem in your mind.


Lucio’s kit is pretty fine as it is


It is the essence of great character design. A very low skill floor and one of the highest skill ceilings in the game, and that range is defined by the skill of the person playing him.