Lucio buffs (experimental)

The quality of life change of increasing the aura size brings his playability back to that of release Lucio, which is a really good thing. Decreasing the aura size some years back still gave him a niche in high ranks where players know to use their Lucio for heals, but in low rank play this simply made QoL crappier as Lucio overall. I want to to look at both increased aura size and variable aura strength real quick:

Aura Size:

  • Huge QoL improvement for especially low rank. This counteracts people who don’t know to or refuse to utilize Lucio in a big way. This helps Lucio get in range to help people more easily. This helps Lucio to find positions that would be beneficial for the whole team that may not have existed otherwise.
  • Increased opportunities means that likely Lucio will build ult much faster.

Variable aura strength:

  • Absolutely insane
  • Increases Lucio’s personal survivability a great deal. He is always at the center of his aura (duh) and gets full benefit of the buff at all times.
  • Makes him into an incredibly viable healer, able to heal someone to full when standing close quite quickly even outside of Amp It Up.
  • It’s not uncommon to see upticks for 10-12 passively and 28+ while using Amp It Up during high damage scenarios when positioning effectively.
  • The increased healing uptick means getting his ult builds much, much faster.

In my opinion, these changes make him far too powerful. I love it, but they make him far too powerful. He has access to his ult almost every team fight. His survivability is now through the roof due to having constant access to stronger heals or a slightly faster getaway car. Now he can effectively heal players that even vaguely want to utilize him and can make it easier for Lucio to get in range players who aren’t otherwise intuitively trying to access to his auras. And finally, the amount of healing he puts out is just through the roof. The only time I should not get gold healing, many thousands more than my current average, by a huge margin is if I’m with an Ana that, you know, hits things (pretty unheard of in silver-gold) AND when there is a large demand for speed over survivability.

Also, Lucio has a nice advantage in this patch because he is ranged and can damage Torb turrets without sacrificing healing, and there are a lot of Torb turrets that he need to be killed.

I do not believe all of these changes will go through, but they are a joy while they last. Lucio is super OP on Experimental, and I encourage everyone who likes Lucio to give it a shot.