Lucio buff is huge


“Oh, there’s no stopping me now!!!”


But now rollouts are basically limited to flat walls
because on corners you get pulled


Have you tried it yet? There’s a big difference in fixing something like wallride canceling on a wall it shouldn’t vs just hold a button to skate everywhere like glued. It’s like saying Symmetra needs aiming.


I have tried it, and he is right


Where are the patch notes? So much stuff happened and I want to see it all



Please explain how this is trolling. I stated my opinion and had decent points to bring up. I read the “Code of Conduct” and no where did I not abide my forum rules involving “trolling” as you put it.

It seems like your abusing you’re power Forum moderator.


Hope you got good aim cuz he’s not coming down otherwise.


I can finally get the floor is lava achievement.



Please make it an option where you can turn off this new wallride stuff, it makes it harder to actually wallride


am lucio main and i think this is retarded


you obviously dont play much lucio. wallride was annoyingly broken and inconsistent and they are just making it smoother and less clunky.


Definitely needed from a new to Lucio player’s standpoint. The old mechanics were counter-intuitive, jumping off and onto the wall to pick up speed didn’t make much sense since you end up just spamming the spacebar into a corner.


That’s your first post to the forums? When even the pro Lucio players are saying the changes are bad but I guess they are wrong. It’s the 2k gold Lucio that knows how it’s just smoother and less clunky. Not like they broke most Lucio tech and rollouts.


The problem is, we want hard supports, not more mercies and briggites that anyone can pick up instantly. How would you feel if they made your main so easy to pick up anyone could do it?


The new changes actually make it harder to wall ride for those who are used to the old wall ride. The buff also came with a secret 20% speed gain nerf when jumping off walls


The problem is it makes lower skill players better at Lucio, but ruins high level play. It basically just lowered the skill ceiling, and raised the skill floor.


If it makes it harder for people that already know how to wallride then why are the same people complaining it’s easier?


My friend told me that there is a time limit on how long u wallride. Is that true?


There’s not much to your main if this one change makes them “skillless”.