Lucio boop in lucio ball

Who changed Lucio’s boop from the last 3 years of Lucio ball to the garbage that it is now? Tomorrow is my birthday. Please fix the game for that. The new boop is completely inconsistent with both PVP Lucio, previous iterations of Lucio, and the previous versions of Lucio ball. The shots are WILDLY inconsistent and there is nothing. I’m a Diamond tier goalie for 4 seasons. I know what I’m talking about.


I also noticed something too different in the boop. I admit I’m just a causal player, but there have been too many strange cases with the ball, here is the replay: F2Z3CA

Note the minutes:

  • 0:30
  • 1:00
  • 1:23
  • 1:32

Compare the first person interface and the third person view: it’s like there’s a delay, or if I save the ball, it slips off my boop rather than being kicked back in the direction I aimed with the viewfinder. too frustrating and inconsistent. this physics confuses a lot and in the first person it cannot be perceived at all.

Post your replays if you notice this, please!

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Same. To the point even the other team were asking how it went through me. Frustrating because I couldn’t block as a goalie or as a striker. I even had the ball pass through me and it said “own goal” several times. not sure what to do.

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It definitely borked. Instant replay often shows late boops. Wonder if they goofed with the interpolation for the ball?

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Same. Hitbox is bugged.