Lucio, boop, and ammo refill

So not tying boop to ammo was something that was a long time coming, but he still has to wait for the refill animation to complete before using it. Is this a bug or oversight or something?

This makes no sense to me, no one else has to wait on their refill animation to complete before using their secondary, even when it uses the same weapon.


Are you sure? I am very positive I have been able to boop during reload every time I have tried.

You cannot boop when ammo is at 0.

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I wouldn’t know this because I am a compulsive reloader or just never needed boop when I had 0 ammo.

Interesting though I hope it is a bug.

Several times over the last week boop not on CD and had to wait fully for the reload animation to complete before being able to use it. It has actually been quite frustrating. Perhaps it is intermittent, but it is definitely happenning.


Who knows, but it’s been an ongoing thing.

I usually run into it being a problem on the Illios: Lighthouse map and all its crazy team-fighting in the little hot box. If you’re spamming primary in fights and you go to Boop with 0 ammo, it will force the reload animation and refill magazine and then it will Boop.

Can literally cost you fights.

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Yeah, that appears to be the condition, when ammo is at 0, no boop, which kind of defeats the purpose of boop being uncoupled from ammo.

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i’m pretty sure not being able to boop at 0 ammo is a bug, i used to be able to do it when it was first added but not anymore.


Yeah, I am repeating it over and over. If ammo is 0, then no boop till refill animation completes

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I don’t know…makes sense to me that if you are in the middle of reloading and actively use an ability that is tied to your weapon while doing so, that it should interrupt it from reloading.

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Except that no other character in the game has that limitation, including Soldier who also uses a secondary component of his primary weapon just like Lucio and doesn’t have to wait for the refill animation.

yeah, 99% sure it’s just a bug, bc the patch notes from when it was added say you should be able to use it while reloading

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That’s the thing, though. It’s not supposed to be tied to the ammo capacity. :frowning: It doesn’t use ammo/charges when using Soundwave so it shouldn’t force a reload.